Pushkin, Ekaterina's park

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One day in the Tsarskoje Selo: few photo.

The Big Ekaterina's palace, photo — Pushkin
The Big Ekaterina's palace

Busts in the Kameronova gallery — Pushkin

Busts in the Kameronova gallery

Kameronova gallery — Pushkin
Kameronova gallery (Cameron gallery)

The Discus thrower, photo — Pushkin
The discus thrower

Girl at the broken jug, photo — Pushkin
The girl at the broken jug

Photo Tower-ruin — Pushkin

The Turkish bath, photo — Pushkin
Turkish bath

the Turkish bath, photo — Pushkin
Turkish bath, hardly other foreshortening

The Chesma column, photo — Pushkin
Chesma column

Pavilion «Grotto» — Pushkin
Pavilion «Grotto»

Pond in Ekaterina's park of a photo — Pushkin

Panorama: a pond in Ekaterina's park.

Thats all photos, I'm finished.


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