New Year's St.-Petersburg

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Photo are made in different years, I have excluded the most defective.

Nevsky prospect, Gostinka, the old City council
Nevsky prospect, Gostinka, the old City council and snow-covered paws of young fur-trees.

Catherine II monument on Ostrovsky's square

Monument to Catherine II on Ostrovsky's square

Malaya Sadovaya street in New Year's holidays
Malaya Sadovaya street in New Year's holidays

the Nevskiy prospectus
Nevskiy prospectus. Photo is made from building steps old municipal council. It was abnormal warmly, on New Year's Eve the temperature behind a board was somewhere around 0°. Even walking ships on Neva, rolling interested persons (when it will still be presented to meet New year on river boats)!

Shone tree, an ornament at the Winter palace.

Ornaments at the Winter palace
Ornaments at Winter palace. Uncle Freud approves!
on the eve of New Year's festivals between Winter palace and Admiralty establish different sculptures of luminous LED strips. But this phallic symbol the most unsurpassed!

Arts Square
Arts Square, light representation. Cutting of products of classical music played and on a building Russian museum visual support was projected.

Arts Square
Arts Square, light-musical representation.

Nevsky prospect
Nevsky prospect. The most popular my photo.

Dead Fathers Frost on a Gostiny dvor facade
Dead, hung up Fathers Frost on a facade Gostiny dvor.


Lantern on Ostrovsky's square. At me a certain weakness to street lanterns, already whole 42 photos! I should notice that they in St.-Petersburg unimaginably beautiful (if not to take in calculation sleeping suburbs and ugly lanterns on the Mars field).

Malaya Sadovaya street
Malaya Sadovaya street

Fontanka river
River quay Fontanka river with New Year's ornaments.

Nevsky prospectus
Nevsky prospectus, a photo from Sadovaya street to the old City council.


Fighter I-16
Fighter I-16. Airplane stood in Primorsky district, crossing of Dolgoozyornaya street with the Commandant's prospectus.

Tree trunk on Ostrovsky's square
Tree trunk on Ostrovsky's square.

Lantern in night
Lantern in night. Falls, yes. The horizon is filled up, yes.

View on the Spit of Vasilevsky island
View on the Spit of Vasilevsky island. A regular view, what there. But the sky interesting, yes water Neva the lead.

Palace Square
Palace Square. One of the first attempts to collect spherical panorama. Almost it was possible, but only «almost».

Spit of Vasilevsky island in winter
Spit of Vasilevsky island in winter. And here this panorama pleases me till now, though too was as first attempt at writing.


Spit of Vasilevsky island in winter
Spit of Vasilevsky island in winter and a shot salute. The people while waited for official salute — entertained itself own pyrotechnics.

Angela at the Winter palace
Light figure Angela at the Winter palace

Fantastic house
Fantastic house in the beginning of Dobrolyubov street.

Kazan cathedral
Panoramic kind on Kazan cathedral. For a long time wanted made current photo.

That's all, full collection photos: New Year's Petersburg!


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