Moto-season start

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May 2nd, 2016 was moto-season start. Gathering was on Ostrovskogo Square.

Yellow Hummer
Yellow Hummer.


Bikers coming

Fraternization of bikers
Our biker fraternizes with foreign camarade.

Lady on bike
Lady on bike.

Arriving bikers


Bikes on Ostrovskogo Square
Bikes on Ostrovskogo Square.

Selfie with Hummer
Hummer enjoyed wide popularity for selfie.

Selfie for memory
Man made selfie for memory.

Biker and police officers
Biker and police officers.

 One of organizers
Last preparations for start.

Police motorcyclists
Police motorcyclists also prepare for start, clasp helmets.

Well and I have go to Palace Square, to meet a column.

Cheerful young ladies
Has on the way meet cheerful young ladies.

Nevsky avenue from the Green bridge towards Admiralty
Nevsky avenue without any public transport.

Beginning of a column of bikers

Beginning of a column of bikers.

Bikers — are positive people, also was in Harley Davidson Days in St.-Petersburg.

Respect to me!
Respect to me! Yeah!
And to you, bikers!:)

Take five!
Take five! I, whenever possible, tried to react, if saw given a hand.

And to you, greetings, the beauty!


V — victory
V — victory!


Well done

Take five

Take five!

Take five!


Find a cat character of «Sesame Street», Elmo.

Motorcyclist with tricolor
Motorcyclist with tricolor and a ridiculous tail.

Column of bikers on Nevsky avenue
Column of bikers on Nevsky avenue.

Column of bikers on Nevsky avenue, view towards Gostiny Dvor from the Green bridge

Selfie! Photo of day, unequivocally!

Motorcyclists made selfie, for memory


For the Native land!
For the Native land!


Luxury bike


Greeting of the biker

Motor-season opening

Greeting of the biker

Greeting. Motor-season opening

Girl on bike

Biker with a stripe «Polite people»
Biker with a stripe «Polite people»

Biker with a stripe «Polite people» and tricolor
On tricolor — words of Russian hymn.

Column of moto on Nevsky prospectus

Column of motorcyclists on Nevsky prospectus

Column of motorcyclists on Nevsky prospectus

Colored helmet
Many motorcyclists had amusing helmets, as here at it young ladies — ornamented and with ears.

Motorcyclist in a jacket with an inscription of the USSR

Column of motorcyclists on Nevsky prospectus

 Orange tricycle

Columned motorcyclists on Nevsky prospectus

Spectators are photographed with the motorcyclist

Moto with flag of St.-Petersburg

Columned bikers at Palace Square
Columned bikers at Palace Square. I expected that motorcyclists will go on a main square of St.-Petersburg.

Columned bikers at Palace Square
Attention to the lady on the right :)

Columned bikers at Palace


Motorcyclists on the Admiralty prospectus
That's all!

End of a column of motorcyclists
Organizers and police Finished a column.


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