Angara Embankment

Dial Mistress of the Angara photo - Irkutsk
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06.08.2019  03:23

Asphalt leaves much to be desired, but the benches are excellent. On each - a quote from some famous person about Irkutsk, and certainly with love.

ne of the benches on the Angara embankment
"Irkutskwill be distributed more and more, and if it can be penetrated by our weak eyes into the future, by its position it will be determined to be the head of a strong and vast region ”
A. N. Radischev, 1791year.

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photo near Irkutsk
  • Angara River, Sibiryakovsky Island
  • Monument to the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees
  • Angara Embankment
  • Decorative building Floor lamp
  • Decorative construction Stone

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