Ruskeala Mountain Park

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In Karelia, near the village of Ruskeala, 30 kilometers north of the city of Sortavala, there is the Mountain Park of Ruskeala, whose main attraction is the Grand Marble Canyon. A small tour:

Electric train "Swallow" and diesel locomotive TEP 70BS-325
Electric train "Swallow" and the diesel locomotive TEP 70BS-325 at the Park Ruskeala station.

Parke Station Ruskeala Station Platform

The station platform with an old-fashioned hinge and, I think, for those who are on a retro-train with a steam locomotive, the impressions are stronger than those of the Swallow who arrived.

Tourists, of course, are first of all photographed at the signpost.

Marble and Lime Plant

Marble-lime plant near Ruskeala Park. Built by the Finns in 1896, produced up to 35 tons of lime per day, as well as facing stone, marble chips.

Trail in the park
Let's go to the park! The roads are strewn with marble chips, although not so slippery. But it’s better to wear comfortable shoes regardless of the season.

Trail in the park Ruskeala

The terrain in the park, of course, is picturesque.


There are guided tours around the park, but they must be booked in advance by phone. Details can be found on the park's website:

The guides are all in national Karelian clothes, telling about the peculiarities of marble production, the history of production.

Columns of stones

Visitors leave behind such funny columns of stones.

Ruskeala Marble Canyon
Ruskeala Marble Canyon

Ruskeala Marble Canyon
Ruskeala Marble Canyon

Troll over the canyon
Troll over the canyon.
Steel cables are stretched over the marble canyon of Ruskeala for the attraction of the “trolls” - you can ride over the water.

Troll over the canyon
Troll (zip-line) over the canyon. For 1,200 rubles you can "fly" over the entire canyon over the water.

About the Grand Marble Canyon separate note (27 photos).

Vertical shaft
Vertical shaft.

Vertical shaft
Another vertical shaft.

Entrance to the grotto

Mine workings inside
Mining inside. This part is publicly available, and the rest of the dungeons have a paid tour, which can be ordered only in advance by phone.

Entrance to the grotto
Entrance to the grotto from the other side.

Mine shaft
Mine shaft, "mainsail".

Attraction "Kalevala"
Attraction "Kalevala"

Attraction "Kalevala"
One young lady from Kaliningrad was so impressed with the Kalevala park, Karelians and epos that she moved here and created an attraction, walking along which Karelian legends and legends will be told to you; show stone labyrinths, etc.

Marble "Italian" quarry
Marble “Italian” quarry, Ruskeala mountain park.

Underground lake
Underground lake.

Underground lake

The failure of the underground ghost
The failure of the underground ghost.

Wooden umbrellas
Very attractive umbrellas! There would be more of them, so that there was an opportunity to hide from the weather.

Montferrand Quarry
Montferrand quarry. Ruskeala marble was used to decorate the walls of buildings and interiors of the Marble Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace and other attractions of St. Petersburg. Auguste Montferrand visited these careers several times.

Tohmajoki River
Tohmajoki River. Finns, leaving, dug tunnels from the river to the Great Marble Quarry, which is why such a miracle formed. It is not possible to pump out water, but there are such amazing artificial lakes in former quarries.

Free photos
In the park in a couple of places there is a free photo, print a photo on the spot with you. True photographed on cheap DSLRs. Well, it amuses me as a happy owner of a professional camera.

Photo Service Box
Photo service booth.

Pointer White Mountain
The life of wonderful stones :) smiled.

Unusual pine trunk
Unusual pine trunk.

Cafe and entrance to the park from the side of the bus parking.

There are 3 cafes in the Ruskeala park + one summer cafe (it didn’t work already), and according to my estimates, at least one and a half thousand tourists came, it was a very good idea to bring coffee and cake with you. If you manage to get into the cafe - try Karelian gates (pies with a filling of your choice).

Toilet to match cafes and souvenir shops - wooden. And what surprised me was free! True, the entrance to the park is paid - 300 rubles. By the way, if any event is held, for example, a concert of classical music, then the entrance can cost 1000 rubles, I advise you to check in advance.

Bus parking
Bus parking. Ruskeala Mountain Park can be reached by car, by bus from Petersburg or Petrozavodsk, or by Swallow from Petersburg. There is another option to get to Sortavala with the same Swallow and transfer to a retro-train with a steam locomotive, the wagons of which are decorated in antiquity, a la Nikolaevsky express, plying on the route St. Petersburg – Moscow – St. Petersburg before the revolution.

Cafe and gift shop
In the souvenir shop, in addition to many handicrafts made of marble and marble chips, you can taste different berries for free and buy something. Of course I bought a can of mashed cloudberries for myself (650 rubles for 280 grams, oh... but it's worth it!) To come to Karelia and not to buy cloudberries would be blasphemy.

Barkers on the fire show
Barkers at the fire show are also in national Karelian costumes, as are the guides.

The platform at the White Mountain
The site near the White Mountain before the fire show, which starts at 18:00 and lasts 20 minutes. Those. before the departure of Swallows there will be an hour and it is quite possible to be in time.

Fire show
Fire show - light and fiery performance "Legend of the White Mountain". There is a separate note about this action (20 photos).

Marble Canyon Night Light
The night lighting of the marble canyon is fabulous. Moreover, it is not static, but changes in different colors.

Marble Canyon Night Light

Marble Canyon Night Light

Marble Canyon Night Light

Parke Station Ruskeala Station Platform
Platform of the railway station Park Ruskeala and the electric train "Swallow". I went back to St. Petersburg !

And here is how this place looks in good weather: On a retro train to Ruskealu (photo of a friend of Lyokha, from whom I learned about this fabulous place).

It is optimal to come to the Ruskeala Mountain Park in the midst of the White Nights (end of June), in Golden Autumn - beginning / mid-October, early November (when the snow has already fallen, but it’s not cold yet). If you go in the spring, you should definitely wrap up to the Akhinkoski waterfall, which at this time is full-flowing. To come in winter is in my opinion extreme, this option can only be selected if you go by car with a stop at the hotel / cottage. Tours, I consider it a waste of money, but as an option.

Come to Ruskealu, you won’t regret it! Absolutely unique place on the planet, not only in Karelia. Pleasantly pleased with the fifteen-page free guidebook with a map on which all the attractions of the park are marked, there is information about nearby cafes and hotels, all available excursions and attractions are listed.


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