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I drove through BAM by chance, connecting trains from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, choosing cities I hadn’t visited yet and driving NovosibirskSeverobaykalskNeryungri. The most fantastic nature at the entrance to Severobaikalsk and from it to Neryungri.

Forest, road and lake
Forest, road and lake. Parallel to the railway is the so-called BAM’s car understudy and the road is, to put it mildly, difficult - there is little asphalt, and locals drive only on SUVs / trucks and only in good weather.

Road turning

Turn the road. The Baikal-Amur Railway was built at the time of complications with China in order to secure the transfer of goods, because in conditions of maneuver warfare, TransSib could be cut with one tank strike. Now BAM is actively expanding, in view of the growing trade with China and the development of deposits in Yakutia.


Road turning
Turn the road. The railway constantly winds around the swamps and hills.

Forest, lake, mountains
Forest, lake, mountains.

Olekma River
The Olekma River.

Olekma River
The Olekma River. The views from the window are so bewitching that most passengers clung to the windows.

Road turning

According to BAM - a complete set: forests, lakes, swamps, rivers, mountains.

Forest and mountains

Swamps, river

Olekma River
The Olekma River "accompanies" the BAM for several tens of kilometers, looping parallel to the railway.

Olekma River

Olekma River
It was worth driving through BAM, if only for the sake of beautiful nature and the opening views.


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