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St.-Petersburg, seagulls, photo of different years.

Angle of attack
The Spike of cathedral Peter and Pavel with flying by a seagull in the foreground.


On the Admiralty quay the people fed up seagulls crackers, and I photographed.

Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight
Flew there — there is so much tasty!

Seagull. Who here? 7 о_О
Seagull. Who here?

Seagull over Neva
Seagull over Neva against area Finnish Railroad station.

All birds — as birds, but I am Tchkalov!

Seagull in flight the front view
Seagull in flight the front view
Seagull in flight by close up. It appears still this feathery name ordinary or lake seagull. I paid attention that happen more largely and to small beige outflow. It is a pity from sea in a shot while any has not caught.

Alternative photo name: «Nike».

Seagull of a photo - Petrozavodsk
A photo from Petrozavodsk.

Seagull. Diving :)
Seagull. Diving :)
Seagull, diving under water.



Seagull the front view and a duck on water.

Seagull over Kronverksky protowhich
Seagull over Kronverksky protowhich.

Woman photographs seagulls
Woman photographs seagulls.

And so, Black Sea seagulls, a photo from Crimea.
Black Sea seagull

Black Sea seagull.

Black sea, a seagull
Black sea, a seagull.


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