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Amazing trains - motor coach (rail) on Russian railways. For the first time I saw such a miracle in the Museum of Russian Railways in St. Petersburg.

Motor coach (rail) photo - Russian Railways Museum
Motor coach AB AMMOT 758 1939 of release, Malax factory (Romania). Used by the leadership of the October Railway as a service until 1989. It was assigned to the depot Leningrad-Warsaw.

Coat of arms of the USSR on a 1939 motor-car

Motor coach - a motorized self-propelled railway wagon, usually used independently (without hitching wagons).

Avtotrisa photo - Railway transport

Autotrain ACh2 - 056 at the railway station of Bryansk (ACh - autotrix of Czechoslovak production, Skoda Holding).

Modern rail buses (motor coach) are all with diesel engines, although they used to be with gasoline and kerosene.

Motor car RA2
RA2 auto tram (Rail Bus, type 2, JSC Metrovagonmash), the tracks of Chelyabinsk station. These two, unlike the first, are used to transport passengers as an analogue of a commuter train. In addition to passenger and service, there are also installation and restoration and special purposes. The use of car trunks is justified on lines with a small passenger flow and / or in the absence of an electric contact line.

This type of railway transport is not only in Russia, for example, it is actively operated in Germany.

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