Ufa Children's Railway

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In Ufa in the Central Park is a children's railway, which, like other similar ones in Russia, performs not only the functions of an attraction, but also educational ones - preparing personnel and teaching children.

Toy railway
The Russian Railways was opened in 1953, initially it was driven by a steam locomotive 159-649, previously working on the Beloretsk narrow gauge railway, and three open-type passenger cars made from flat-platform freight cars. Unfortunately, neither a steam locomotive, nor unique home-made cars were preserved.

Children's Railways

The gauge is 750 mm, standard for narrow gauge roads, in contrast to the unique Krasnoyarsk children's railway.

The educational building of the Ufa Children's Railway
The educational building of the Ufa Children's Railway.

Children's Railways
As you can see - everything is adult: arrows, semaphores, barriers. There are two stations on the railway surrounding the park - Priozernaya platform (near Soldatskoye lake) and Yunost (station). The length of the tracks is about two kilometers and quite active train traffic is up to 20 per day.

Entrance Propylaea
There is a warning sign in front of the railway tracks. Caution!

Children's Railway Train
The diesel locomotive TU10-010 is the newest (2011), in addition to it there are two more older ones - TU7A-3357 and TU2-104. If TU2 and TU7 were designed for narrow-gauge roads for different tasks, then TU10 was created at the Kambara Machine-Building Plant specifically for children's railways, and such children carry at least 24 children's railways in Russia.

Since Soviet times, the train bears the proud name “Pioneer of Bashkortostan”, and the railway itself, like everyone else, is a structural unit of Russian Railways.


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