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Vladivostok is a unique city, probably something like Murmansk. Both cities are sea and on hills. Putting down markers on the map, I only realized on the spot that in five days even half could not be inspected, and my plans had to be greatly reduced. The slopes in the city are such that it is very difficult to get from point A to point B on foot.

Vladivostok - Nashensky city photo - Vladivostok
A quote from Lenin on the facade of the General Post Office building: "Vladivostok is far away, but our city is ours." It was meant that the Japanese from the Far East must be knocked out.

View of Cape Tigrovy photo - Vladivostok

View of Cape Tigrovy, Skot Peninsula (Egersheld). It would be a fine day - the Tokarevskaya Koshka lighthouse, Tokarevsky Cape and Russky Island would be visible.

Cable car wagon photo - City transport
In Vladivostok there is a unique cable car operating in Russia as the only public transport - a mountain tram.

View of the Golden Bridge
From the cable car there are gorgeous views of the Golden Horn and the Golden Bridge, so the cable car can be considered a tourist attraction. When I was with me in the carriage was a crowd of tourists from China.

The sculpture "Remembering the sailor of foreign travel" photo - Vladivostok
The sculpture "Remembering the sailor of foreign travel", Vladivostok, the intersection of Ocean Avenue and the street of Admiral Fokin. Because a seaside city, then the monuments and sculptures of Vladivostok are mostly on naval subjects.

Grave of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky photo - Vladivostok
The grave of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky in his square.

Monument to Admiral Makarov photo - Vladivostok

Monument to Admiral Makarov photo - Vladivostok
Monument to Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov.

Navy Day in Vladivostok photo
Vladivostok, this, of course, is the Red Banner Pacific Fleet.

I specially made up my trip through the whole of Russia to celebrate Navy Day in Vladivostok . It is a pity the weather was unlucky - strong fog had melted and there was no way to make out the ships in the raid.

Guards Red Banner Submarine S-56 photo - Vladivostok
Guards Red Banner Submarine S-56 (museum).

Monument to the fighters for power of the Soviets photo - Vladivostok

The monument to the fighters for the power of the Soviets is one of the symbols of Vladivostok.

Former apartment building Gorvat-Bozhechko photo - Vladivostok
Former apartment house Gorvat-Bozhechko, 111 Svetlanskaya street . Vladivostok was founded in 1860 and was actively built at the turn of the century, so there are a lot of interesting modernism and eclecticism in the city (as in St. Petersburg on the Petrograd side, which was built up in those same years) .

Society for the Study of the Amur Region photo - Vladivostok
Society for the Study of the Amur Region, Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya Street, 50. Built in 1913, it was originally planned as a theater, in the process of construction it was rebuilt as a tenement house, which was reflected in the eclectic forms of the facade.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean photo - Vladivostok
Sunset over the pacific ocean. Because seaside city, then the center of Vladivostok on the waterfront. This photo was taken on the embankment of Sportivnaya Gavan - the main resting place for citizens and tourists. I show my friends this photo, they ask: why sunset, probably sunrise. He laughed :) Vladivostok is so rugged by the bays that this photo was taken to the west, not to the east. Friends seem to be literate, but :) It happens.

Sports Harbor Embankment at Sunset
Quay Sportivnaya harbor at sunset.

Night promenade of Sportivnaya Gavan photo - Vladivostok
Night promenade of Sports Harbor. The embankments in the city are excellent, well-maintained. A lot of cafes, taverns. I lived nearby, on Tigrovaya Street, and enjoyed spending evenings in street cafes on this promenade.

Cafe on the promenade of Sports Harbor
Cafe on the promenade of Sports Harbor.

Pedestrian zone

The main brand of the Far East is the Amur tigers. In early September, Tiger Day is held in the city and the whole city becomes striped. I really want to somehow come to Vladivostok on this particular holiday.

Sculptural composition "Amur cubs" photo - Vladivostok
Sculptural composition "Amur cubs".

Amur tiger bronze sculpture photo - Vladivostok
Bronze sculpture of the Amur tiger.

The guns of the Novosiltsevskaya battery photo - Vladivostok fortress
The guns of the Novosiltsevsky battery. I am very interested in fortification and the main attraction for me was the Vladivostok fortress - the most powerful sea fortress in the world (at the time of construction). There are so many forts and batteries in Vladivostok and on Russky Island that you need to spend at least a month on them.

Admiral Fokin Street photo - Vladivostok
Admiral Fokin Street (originally Beijing).

Crabeteria (!) Oh, my crab! Crabs are another brand in the region. Crabs are not found anywhere else in Russia, only here.

Fountain on Admiral Fokin Street photo - Vladivostok
There are several fountains on Admiral Fokin Street and in the evening such illumination turns on.
central square
The farther from Moscow, the more anarchy. Such a spontaneous market in the central square amazed me. True, he is only on the weekend.

Typical Vladivostok view
A typical Vladivostok view is greens, some ruins, a bay and port cranes in the distance.

View of the Golden Bridge
View of the Golden Bridge.

Street slope
I specially made such a photo to show which city slopes of the streets. Since in Vladivostok I have never tired of walking anywhere.

“Commercial building with a clock” photo - Vladivostok
“Commercial building with a clock”, Okeansky prospekt, 13. The building of the beginning of the 20th century, the building acquired an attractive clock and a “turret” after reconstruction. A rare example of modernity, when after reconstruction the historic building only won.

Cape Pospelovsky photo - Vladivostok fortress
Another indicative view of Vladivostok: battery ruins, Russian Bridge, bay and a warning sign.


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