Navy Day in Vladivostok

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I specially made a trip to Vladivostok on the day of the Navy. In St. Petersburg, I saw this holiday many times, once I was lucky to see the Day of the Navy in Sevastopol . Maybe in Murmansk someday I'll see.

Photo July 28, 2019.

Landing ship
Landing ship.

Large landing ships

Large landing ships (BDK).

Landing armored personnel carriers
Landing of armored personnel carriers.

Landing armored personnel carriers
According to the scenario, the amphibious assault landing on the territory occupied by terrorists.

Self-propelled guns
Self-propelled guns

Anti-aircraft guns on a truck
Anti-aircraft guns on the truck "defend" the coast. In the east of Ukraine and in Syria, such shushpansera were actively used in the conflict - civilian trucks with armor-mounted armor and anti-aircraft guns mounted in the back or heavy machine guns.

Children's ensemble
After the theatrical performance, the concert began.

Building after the concert
Building after the concert.

In addition to the concert, the story of the Navy from the time of Peter I to the present day was told. On the left are reconstructors in the form of different eras.

St. Andrew's flag
At the end, two large crossed ribbons symbolizing the St. Andrew flag were deployed.

"The terrorists." The audience, of course, joyfully photographs them.

Where is better to watch Navy Day in Vladivostok? The most kosher places to watch the ship parade and concert are the stands on the sports promenade, but you need to get hold of it by invitation. I asked for an observation Admiral LCD (5B Naberezhnaya Street) - it was only for residents of the house, but they let me in after I said that I had arrived from St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, too, they are playing back the landing, but this happens not in the center, but in the park of the 300th anniversary .


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