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Vladivostok is a multi-confessional city, like Russia in general. There may not be as many churches and temples as in the ancient cities of Russia, but they are interesting.

Church of the Holy Prince Igor
Church of the Holy Prince Igor of Chernigov and Memorial to the officers of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Primorsky Territory who died in the line of duty. The upper side-altar (floor) is consecrated in honor of the holy right-believing prince-martyr Igor of Chernigov, and the lower side-altar in honor of the holy Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki, the patron saint of soldiers. The author of the architectural project is the famous architect Valery Moor.

Church of St. Andrew

Church of St. Andrew the First-Called, Vladivostok, Admiral Square. The main temple of the Pacific Fleet, consecrated May 12 2005. The decision to build the temple was made by the command of the Pacific Fleet in the summer of 2003 after the relics of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called were brought to Vladivostok. The construction of the chapel began on August 10, 2004, when the foundation stone was consecrated. This small one-domed white temple for 40-50 people is located on Korabelnaya embankment not far from the memorial complex "Military Glory of the Pacific Fleet".

Monument to St. Ilya Muromets
Not far from the temple - a monument to St. Ilya Muromets, Vladivostok, Admiral Square.

Surb Gevorg
Surb Gevorg - Armenian Apostolic Church of the New Nakhichevan and Russian Diocese, Vladivostok , address: Volodarskogo street, 13. Built in the 1900s, it was almost completely destroyed during the years of Soviet power. Reconstructed in 2007.

Catholic Church of the Mother of God
The Catholic Church of the Most Holy Theotokos is a three-nave basilica in the style of Eastern European Gothic. Vladivostok, Volodarskogo street, 22. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful neo-Gothic church in Russia.

The building was built in 1909 - 1921. In 1938 it was adapted for the State Archives of Primorsky Krai, now a functioning temple of the Roman Catholic Church. The first small wooden Catholic church was built in 1885-86. In 1902, this temple burned down. In 1921, the construction of a neo-Gothic stone church, founded in 1909, was completed by father Karol Slivovsky.

Architect: A. A. Gvozdziovsky.

Saints Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom
Saints Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom, installed in Vladivostok 9 July 2011 within the framework of the national program “In the Bosom of the Family”. Pokrovsky park.

Cathedral of the Mother of God
Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, Vladivostok, Pokrovsky Park. The first Church of the Intercession was built at the Intercession cemetery and consecrated in 1902, in 1923 it was transferred to the renovationists (20-30 people), while the Orthodox community was left without a church (up to 3000 people). The plundering of the church began in 1930.

By a resolution of the City Council of September 20, 1934, it was ordered "to oblige the city committee ... and the green building trust ... to begin construction on the territory of the former Pokrovsky cemetery of the Great City Park of Culture and Rest" on September 25, 1934. The graves were dug down and compared with rollers. Marble - sold to Ryboprodukt for finishing the stairs of a newly built house, and "unnecessary metal" was transferred "for the needs of industrialization." In 1935, the Church of the Intercession was blown up and the priests were shot.

In May 2007, the reconstruction of the temple began in the same place, on the old, but well-preserved foundation. Since May 2011 it has been the cathedral of the Vladivostok Metropolitanate.

Panorama of the square Fighters of Revolution
Panorama of the Revolution Fighters Square, on the right - Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, Vladivostok, Pushkinskaya st. , 14. Built in 1907-1909 according to the project of the architect G. R. Junghendel to replace the dilapidated wooden church.

In the 1930s, the church was closed due to the absence of "a collective of believers who took it for maintenance." Behind the meager line of this document is hidden the fact that almost all the Lutherans of Vladivostok were arrested, some of them were shot or sent to the camps. And the reason for this cruelty was the fact that a small portion of funds for the maintenance of the local pastor and the purchase of books came to Vladivostok from Germany, so all parishioners were registered as "German spies."

In October 1936, the building of the former Lutheran church was handed over to naval sailors. A cinema was opened here, which was named after Maxim Gorky (as in Kronstadt in the Naval Cathedral). Now the building has been returned to the Lutheran community.

Vladivostok is the center of Protestant church associations - the Association of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the Primorsky Territory and the Primorsky Association of Missionary Churches of Evangelical Christians.


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