Fortress Vladivostok — Fort Suvorov

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In the north of Vladivostok, several forts of the once formidable Vladivostok fortress have survived, the most powerful and advanced fort of the Main line of defense — Fort Suvorov .

Fort Suvorova photo - Vladivostok fortress
Panorama on the way to the fort.

Mount Suvorov

The fort is located on Mount Suvorov - 192 m in the area of ​​the car market "Green Corner".

Powder Cellar
Powder Cellar.

Fort Suvorova
The only drawback of the fort was the lack of pots connecting its wardrobe trunks with the courtyard.

Boiler room
Boiler room (?) Or some similar utility structure.

Fort Suvorova

A Vladivostok cat was busily scratching past somewhere.

and she sincerely did not understand why I photographed her and in general what I forgot in these wilds of geography.

Fort project — K. I. Velichko, author of the detailed project and fort builder — military engineer captain AM Novitsky. It was built in 1899 - 1904 . It was originally called Fort No. IV, after the abolition of the forts “North” and “Northeast”, it became known as Fort No. II. August 30, 1903 received the name "Fort of Prince Suvorov."

In the 30-50s of the XX century, the fort was rebuilt and adapted to the command post, used by parts of the coastal (CP KP), and then the air defense (CP kPVO).

Coordinates of Fort Suvorov: 43°7'34"N 131°59'3"E


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