Vladivostok Fortress — Pospelovskaya Battery

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On the Russky Island is the Pospelovskaya battery (No. 376) - part of the powerful fortification of the Vladivostok fortress.

Battery "Pospelovskaya"
Battery "Pospelovskaya" on the cape of the same name Russian island.

Kyoto pillar at the "Pospelovsky" battery

The Kyoto pillar is a remake that repeats the present, found nearby during the battery improvement work, which was carried out on the eve of the APEC summit ( 2012 ).

Cape Pospelovsky
Cape Pospelovsky (Saperny Peninsula), view of the Russian Bridge and the Eastern Bosphorus.

Corner sign and view of the Russian bridge
Corner sign and view of the Russian bridge . Landmarks are a hallmark of maritime cities, helping captains / pilots walk along the fairway, bypassing shallows and banks.

Gun base
The base of the gun. The construction of the Nordenfeld quick-firing cannon battery (57-mm caliber) under the supervision of military engineer E.O. Maak was begun in 1898 . Basically it was ready in 1899, completely finished in 1901 .

View from the bay
On the bay side, the battery is further protected by an earthen mound.

Powder Cellar Entrance
Entrance to the powder magazine.

Powder Cellar Entrance

Earth traverse.

Powder Cellar Entrance

View of the battery and the Russian bridge

The battery consisted of two two-gun batteries, only the right one was restored.

Coordinates of the Pospelovsky coastal battery: 43°3'44"N 131°53'32"E


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