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Monument to Russian Germans Victims of Repression
Monument to Russian Germans victims of repression in the square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory.

Wedding bridge

Wedding bridge and a heart of greenery.

Lenin monument
The monument to Lenin in Ufa is located in Lenin Square on Lenin Street (surprisingly, yes?).

Pay attention to the benches. Ufa is taking the lead in the Most Damaged Benches category.

Fountain "Seven Girls"
Fountain "Seven Girls" in the Theater Square on Lenin Street.

Monument to Zagir Ismagilov
Monument to composer Zagir Ismagilov in the Theater Square. On the left, a man photographs his wife against a background of flowers :)

Pedestrian alley
Pedestrian alley along Lenin street with modern avant-garde sculptures.


The letters "Ufa"
The letters "Ufa" on the ArtTerra alley.

Sculptures on the ArtTerra Alley

Sculptures on the ArtTerra Alley

Bashkir Drama Theater

Monument to Mazhit Gafuri carrying the Bashkir Academic Drama Theater named after him.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev
Monument to Salavat Yulaev

Monument to Salavat Yulaev, bottom view

Some young ladies are photographing each other against the backdrop of the views, and the views from the monument are breathtaking!

The monument itself is one of the main symbols of Ufa.

Open book
The sculpture "Open Book", st. Gafuri. The book contains poems by this Bashkir poet, like everything in Ufa in two languages ​​- Russian and Bashkir.

On the left is the “tree of love”, an avant-garde design for wedding castles (near the registry office).

Bee from the flowers. Something she is some kind of drug addict. In the same place as the book, st. Gafuri.

Such a marten is funny, the animal is one of the symbols of Ufa.

Decorative building "Marten"
The sculptural composition “ Kunitsa ’s House ” appeared at the entrance to the Yakutov Park in July 2010. Sculptor - Halit Galiullin. The sculpture is modern - it was donated to the city by Megafon as part of the MegaFon Gives a Legend project.

Decorative construction "Everything will come true"
Decorative building “Everything will come true”, Ufa. About the best park in Ufa - Yakutov Park separate note (19 photos ).

Bust of Karl Marx
Bust of Karl Marx, Ufa, Ivanovo Square.

Square in front of the Museum of Modern Art
Square in front of the Museum of Modern Art. N. Latfullina.

Monument to Mustay Karim
Monument to the Bashkir poet and writer Mustai Karim in the park of the same name.

Ufa residents
Very crazy with these characters :)

Art object "Red Cube"
Art object "Red Cube", Ufa, the territory of "Art SQUARE" (quarter "Old").

Bust of Gagarin
Bust of Gagarin near the building number 9 USATU (Ufa State Aviation Technical University).

MiG-19 Monument Aircraft
The MiG-19 monument plane on the territory of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University was installed in the spring of 1974.

Monument to S. T. Aksakov
Monument to Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov, Ufa, Pushkin Alley.

Bust to Pushkin
Bust of Pushkin in the alley of the same name (sculptor - V.N. Domogatsky).

Monument to Dzerzhinsky
Monument to Dzerzhinsky.

Monument to Sheikhzade Babich
Monument to Sheikhzade Babich, Ufa, near the television center building.

Monument to Alexander Matrosov
Monument to Alexander Matrosov, Ufa, Lenin Park. The monument was erected on May 9, 1951, by curator L. Yu. Eidlin, architect A.P. Gribov.

Monument to Arslan Mubaryakov
Monument to Arslan Mubaryakov - People's Artist of the USSR. Ufa, the park named after Lenin.

Orders - city awards
Orders are the city’s awards: “October Revolution” and “Friendship of Peoples”.

Monument to Maxim Gorky
Monument to Maxim Gorky.

Monument to firefighters killed in the line of duty
Monument to firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Fireman at the post
Fireman on the post. I met such people in St. Petersburg, Omsk, Kurgan, Ryazan.

Monument to A. D. Zurup
Monument to A. D. Zurup on the street named after him.

Art objects
Art objects are VERY dubious. In the comments on 2GIS maps, they even asked them to dismantle them, leaving only the horse.

Art object
None of the cards know what this art object is, but I still urge the hussar to remain silent.

# apple
In the meantime, let’s imagine something like # Ayarusky on Red Square in Moscow - what a breeze will arise! Liberals, “our Western partners” ™ and other eco-activists will be excited.

Managed to slip past the sculpture of the city, perhaps the most interesting in the city... But, in general, almost everything went around.


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