Ufa — is the most dismal city of Russia

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Ufa is the dullest city in Russia. Well, from large and not poor - exactly the most.

Ufa railway station
Ufa railway station was rebuilt recently. It’s kind of spacious inside, but somehow stupid, especially with escalators and navigation, but outside it’s generally generally doubtful.

Ufa tram

Trams in Ufa are quite old.

Police Department
Ufa Linear Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Russia on transport housed in a very kosher historical building, very pleasant promarh (Address: Vokzalnaya str., 47A, Ufa) .

On the left is a modern multi-storey building, and on the right is a shabby wooden huts. But the hut is very attractive - with platbands and tiles.

Old wooden houses in the foreground and new buildings in the back
Old wooden houses in the foreground and new buildings in the background.

 Old wooden carved house
Old wooden carved house. Soon it will not, this quarter with such beautiful houses is planned for construction.

Street column
Street column. As in the village :) In fact, I am glad that they still occasionally come across the cities of Russia. They invariably rescued me - at least to wash up after many kilometers of forced marches.

Ufa killed me. Road markings are not from the word at all. The traffic lights are prehistoric, asphalt is of average scall, but, as I understood, five years ago the roads were completely dead.

Shop Halal
Shop "Halal", as a sign of Islamic Bashkiria and pleasant old houses.

Entrance to the store
In the same house as in the above picture, this is the entrance to the store. Strongly lacking lions, Atlantes/Caryatids, vases on the roof.

Contrasts of builings
A nice old house in the foreground - st. Lenina, 19, Department of Forestry and Environment.

Monument to Russian Germans victims of repression
Monument to Russian Germans victims of political repression in the square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory. The square is partially landscaped, but weeds are in the knee. But how is that?

About the Bashkirs
There was an incomprehensible bus with the inscription "Pioneers of Bashkiria", next to the party there was some drunken compass and me alone: ​​Take a picture!
Said and done :) A bit missed, but oh well :)
Pionery: D

And just before that (I’ve seen so much like “Bashkir” and got so tanned), two young ladies asked me how to get to some ebeni near Ufa. He said that he was not local :) and I go on maps myself.

Contrasts of buildings
In the foreground is an old house at Revolutionary Street, 45/61; in the back - a modern skyscraper (just like in Voronezh, put the game right in the middle of historic buildings ...) and a couple of interesting historical buildings.

Wedding bridge
Wedding bridge and green heart.

 Old houses
The wooden house on the left is planned to be demolished.

Lenin Street
The fierce old town in the foreground and a pleasant old man in the background.

Lenin Street

City Government
Historical building on Lenin Street, Building 7 - former city government, now the Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Lenin Street
On the right - a pleasant modernist style, followed by stalinka.

Monument to Lenin

Monument to Lenin in Ufa located in the park Lenin on Lenin Street (surprising, yes?).

Pay attention to the benches. Ufa takes the lead in the category of the Most Crazy Benches.

Upper trading square
Upper trading square, a beautiful merchant's mansion (Lenin str., 5) and beautiful propily (from which recently removed ugly advertising ). In the background Gostiny Dvor can be seen.

Fountain Seven Girls
Fountain "Seven Girls" in the Theater Square on Lenin Street.

Monument to Zagir Ismagilov
Monument to the composer Zagir Ismagilov in the Theater Square. On the left, a man photographs his wife on the background of flowers :)

Bench and urn
Benches and urns in this square are excellent! Unlike poverty in Lenin Square.

Academy of Arts
Academy of Arts in Ufa, Lenin Street 14. A memorial plaque on the facade says that Shalyapin spoke here.

Mansion of merchant Nogarev
Mansion of merchant A. A Nogareva (Ufa, Pushkin Street, 104), at the moment - College of Music. In the foreground is I. I. Korotkov's house.

Aksakov people's house
Aksakov people's house, laid in Ufa in 1909 in memory of the Russian writer Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov, built on voluntary donations. The First World War, and then the Civil War will prevent the building from being completed and it will be completed in 1928 - 1935 years.

Over the years, the house was called the Palace of Labor and Art, the House of Culture, and since 1938, it housed the Bashkir State Opera Theater and ballet.

Pedestrian alley
Pedestrian alley on Lenin Street with modern avant-garde sculptures.


House of Specialists
House of Specialists. This house was intended for party nomenclature, drummers production, senior commanders and artists. The construction of the house began in 1933 year and was planned to be completed in a year, but the house was commissioned only in 1937 year. The material for the building served as a brick demolished in 1931 - 1932 years of the Resurrection Cathedral, which stood in the place of Bashkir Academic Drama Theater. In the 1930s, “houses of specialists” appeared in different cities of the USSR, for example, in Smolensk.

Plaques on the House of Specialists
The number of plaques on the House of Specialists is probably comparable only to the House on the Embankment in Moscow.

Bashkir Drama Theater
Bashkir Academic Drama Theater named after Mazhit Gafuri. The building is located on the site dismantled in 1932, the Resurrection Cathedral.

Sport complex Dynamo
Sports complex "Dynamo".

High-rise and Telecentre

Telecentre tower
Ufa telecentre.

 Ufa TV Center

Left bank view
Left bank view

The standard amusement in tourist places of Russian cities - coinage.



View of the left bank and the White River
View of the left bank and the White River from the monument to Salavat Yulaev.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev
Monument to Salavat Yulaev is the business card of Ufa and the only place of interest ... Well, I, as upset by architecture, found many nishtyaks that are hardly interesting to ordinary people.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev, bottom view
Some young ladies are taking photos of each other against the background of the views, and the views from the monument are breathtaking!

The monument itself is one of the main symbols of Ufa.


Views from the monument to Salavat Yulaev
The views from the monument to Salavat Yulaev are breathtaking, yes.

About the road accident
A little boy lost control and almost took down the ballot box :)

The bear is next to the honey tent. It's funny, although it has been seen and is funnier: D

Open Book
Open Book Sculpture, ul. Gafuri. In the book, the poems of this Bashkir poet, like everything else in Ufa are in two languages ​​- Russian and Bashkir.

On the left - “the tree of love”, avant-garde design for wedding locks (near the registry office).

Congress Hall
Congress Hall (address: Ufa, 2 Z. Validi St.) is the newest building, 2007 year of construction.

Bee from flowers . Something she's kind of addict. The same place where the book, ul. Gafuri.

Wooden house with carved windows
Wooden house with beautiful carved windows.

Address: Ufa, 38 Communist st., Intersection with Aksakov street.

Old wooden house
An old wooden house with a turret and elegant carved platbands on the windows is the main house of the Bukhartovskiy estate, Ufa, st. Aksakova, 48.

Office of Federal Drug Control Service of Russia for Belarus photo - Ufa
The Office of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan is located in the beautiful promarh 1909 of the year built on the facade. Sorry not googled the history of this house ...

Ufa, Kommunisticheskaya ulitsa, 29 dom.

Bashkir cat
Cat is generally unafraid, allowed to take a head-on photo.

Drinker, pretty pinched right in the morning, ridiculous got to me: Do you take pictures of a cat? Photo me!
Yeah. The most platinum photo from all the trips in a year :) I am satisfied.

About the door and udlyashnye double-glazed windows ...

 Old brick house
Old brick house, Gogol, 53A (or 55/1).

Ufa circus
Ufa circus

Navy Day
Ufa I was on the day of the Navy, drivers with flags were riding around the city, well, as I understand it, the main party stumbled to Salavat Yulaev Monument.

Funny such marten, the animal is one of the symbols of Ufa.

Victory Bread
Here are some stupid drug addicts, and ...

BSU. Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology
BSU. Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology. It is a pity I did not find what kind of building it is, but obviously the junction of the centuries. Communist Street, 19.

 Old wooden house with a thread
Old wooden house with a thread.

 Old wooden house with carvings
Old wooden house with carvings, Communist, 42/Gogol, 54.

Bashkir State Philharmonic named after Kh. Akhmetov
Bashkir State Philharmonic named after Kh. Akhmetov H. Akhmetova, Gogol Street, 58.

 The house sheathed by a siding
The house sheathed by a siding ... Here is zhezh mudaki, and.

Former Southern Small Corps of the Barracks of the Internal Guard
Former Southern Small Corps of the Internal Guard Barracks, 1839 year (according to other data 1840 year), or rather what was left of it. Gogol, 76.

 Old wooden house
Old wooden house, Gogol, 77/1

 Old wooden house
Next is another nice house.

 Old wooden house
Not so long ago this house was recognized as an object of cultural heritage. It may even be restored, but the house has obviously lost many of its facade elements in its life. Resurrection mansion, built in the late 1890s. Dostoevsky, 54K.

View from the intersection of Revolutionary and Karl Marx streets
View from the intersection of Revolutionary and Karl Marx streets.

House of K.F. Feck / Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus
House of K.F. Feck, 1914 year, now the Ministry of Culture of Belarus. Address: Revolutionary Street, 18.

 Ufa from the height of bird flight
Ufa from the height of bird flight (from the observation wheel). I resisted and decided to ride on the Ferris wheel. Last ride in childhood, but I remember with difficulty.

 Ufa from the height of bird flight

New buildings

Cabin of the Ferris Wheel
In the next cabin, young people are taking photos on Instagram :)

After Ufa, I finally became convinced that Samara is awesome! And I travel to Siberia!


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