The best park in Ufa

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The best park in Ufa is the Yakutov Park.

Park Entrance Arch
Arch of the entrance to the park.

Decorative building "Marten"

The sculptural composition “Kunitsa’s House” appeared at the entrance to the Yakutov Park in July 2010. Sculptor - Halit Galiullin.

Decorative construction "Everything will come true"

Decorative building "Everything will come true", Ufa, Yakutov Park.

Monument to I. S. Yakutov
Monument to I.S. Yakutov, Ufa, park of the same name.

Monument to the participants of the revolutionary movement and civil war
Monument to participants in the revolutionary movement and civil war, Ufa, Yakutov Park. The memorial complex was opened in 1967 at the burial site of 1919-1924.

Soviet park sculptures are installed along the central alley:

Girl with cat
The sculpture " Girl with a Cat ", Ufa, Yakutov Park.

Sculpture "Family"
The sculpture "Family".

Couple in love
Couple in love.

Children on a swing
Children on a swing.

Young family
Young family.




Pioneer with a glider
Pioneer with a glider. A classic of Soviet park sculpture!

Toy railway
Children's railway. What a good job that they saved! And the trains are the newest.

Children's Railways

Children's Railways
As you can see - everything is adult, arrows, semaphores, barriers. On the railway surrounding the park, there are two stations - Priozernaya (near Soldatskoye Lake) and Yunost.

Plate "5085 kilometer"
Plate "5085 kilometer". According to the Guinness Book of Records, Ufa is recognized as the most eastern city in Europe, which is why this plate is installed.

Decorative building "Family of bears"
Decorative building "Family of Bears", Ufa, Yakutov Park.

Entrance Propylaea
The second entrance, from Krl Marx Street, is decorated with cuts. There is a warning sign in front of the railway tracks. Caution!

Children's Railway Train
Train children's railway.

The park is excellent - they preserved sculptures from the times of the USSR and added new ones.


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