Museum of the Pacific Fleet (Vladivostok)

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The Military and Historical Museum of the Pacific Fleet ( Vladivostok ) - 66 Svetlanskaya Street. I didn’t have time for the museum itself, and I got to its territory by the time it was closed, so there is only a street exposition in the photo.

Museum of Pacific Fleet
Museum of Pacific Fleet, general view of the street arms display.

Komsomolets torpedo boat

Komsomolets type torpedo boat, 1939 - 1940. Such fought in all fleets in World War II.

Anchors and ship guns
Anchors and ship guns.

Guns of the 18th-19th centuries
Guns of the 18th-19th centuries. From left to right:

The pig-iron smooth-bore cannon of the 1794 model, presumably from the Kodiak bot. Caliber 3 inches (76 mm).
The barrel of a 4-pound battery field gun model 1877. Caliber 106.7 mm.
The barrel of a 24-pound gun - the 1834 carronade.
The barrel of a 60 pound coastal cast-iron cannon of the Maievsky system of 1857.

120 mm cannon system gun from the Emerald cruiser
120 mm cannon system gun from the Emerald cruiser.

120 mm gun from the gunboat
120 mm gun from the gunboat "Gilyak" on the Kane machine with a shield.

Ventilation pipes and propeller blade from the gunboat Red October
Ventilation pipes and propeller blade from the gunboat Red October.

Bomb spreader and sea mine
Bomb spreader (left) and a sea mine.

Stern ship gas-dynamic single-barreled bomb
Stern ship gas-dynamic single-barreled bomb (WWII). On the right is a 45-mm universal semi-automatic gun 21 KM ( 1945 model).

37 mm automatic installation of 70-K
37-mm automatic installation of 70-K (model 1940 ).

Deep mines

Deep mines.

Tower of the light tank
The tower of the light Japanese tank "HA-GO".

Tank MS-1
Tank MS-1 (small escort) of the 1927 model. Another marking is the T-18. The first Soviet-designed tank, the influence of the Renault FT-17, on the basis of which the tank was developed (under license and on equipment purchased in France), is noticeable.

On the right is the Soviet M-30 howitzer.

Field and ship guns
Field and ship guns. To the left is a 76.2 mm field gun, to the right is a 102 mm cannon of the 1911 model from the destroyer of the Voikov Pacific Fleet.

6-inch fortress mortar Krupp 1879
6-inch fortress mortar Kruppa sample of 1879. It was used in the defense of Port Arthur in 1904, and was produced at the factories of Krupp (Germany), Obukhov ( St. Petersburg ) and Perm factories.

12.7 twin ship machine gun
12.7 twin coaxial machine gun mount model of 1940.

3-inch field gun model 1900
3-inch field gun of the 1900 model.

Light field gun
Light field gun.

Field gun
Caliber is more serious.

150 mm howitzer
150 mm howitzer "type 38", made in Japan. Trophy of 1945.

3 pound field gun model 1867 on a field carriage
3 pound field gun model 1867 on a field carriage. In Russia, these were made by the Perm, St. Petersburg plants, the Bryansk arsenal.

6-inch Field Mortar 1883
6-inch field mortar sample 1883. Caliber - 152 mm, such guns participated in the defense of Port Arthur, were manufactured at the Obukhov and Perm factories.

57 mm Nordenfeld coastal gun
57-mm rapid-fire coastal gun of the Nordenfeld system. For example, the Pospelovsky battery of the Vladivostok fortress was armed with such.

6-inch gun model 1877 on the coastal carriage of Durlyacher
The 6-inch gun of the 1877 model on the Durlyacher coastal carriage. By the way, these guns, mothballed in the warehouses of the Moscow region, participated in the defense of Moscow in 1941. The Germans were amazed that the Russians had an unprecedented superweapon, the shot of which tore off the towers of tanks with a direct hit and turned over, breaking apart.

Shore guns
The 9-inch coastal mortar of the 1867 model (left) and the 6-inch ship’s gun of the 1885 model on the Vavasser machine tool (right). In the center - a searchlight from the battleship "Retvisan".

Ultra-small submarine of project 908 (Triton-2)
Ultra-small submarine of project 908 (Triton-2) - a project of ultra-small submarines of the Navy of the USSR. They were in service with the fleet from 1975 to the 1990s.
Designed for patrolling the waters of ports and raids, delivery and evacuation of scout divers, mining of berths, enemy ships, and research of the seabed.

I walk around the territory of a street exposition, a security guard approaches:
“Are you here for a long time?”
- Yes, I already curl up.
- So, I close the gate, you can climb through the hole in the fence and go outside through the square.
B - security.
As a result, I acted even easier - I jumped over the fence immediately to Svetlanskaya Street, so as not to get through the wilds of the square. Passers-by were very surprised.


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