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Carved wooden houses
Carved wooden houses.
Suzdal, Vasilyevskaya Street, houses 47 and 47A.

Wooden sculptures

Wooden sculptures in the background - the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (left) and the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (right).

Wooden houses
Pleasant wooden houses, Suzdal, Old Street 23 and 21.

Wooden houses
Wooden houses, Teremki street.

Wooden house, Teremki street, 18
Wooden house, Teremki street, 18. Gates - lepota!

Burnt house
Burnt wooden house. Eh, and what a beauty was ...

Suzdal, Slobodskaya Street, 37.

Autumn street
Suzdal, Stromynka street.

Wooden architecture
Carved wooden houses. Suzdal, 1st Krasnoarmeiskaya Street (sort of).

Guest House Zakharovykh
Guest house Zakharov, where I settled. Probably the most welcoming hosts of Suzdal! And maybe in Russia :)

Guest House Zakharovykh

Guest House Zakharovykh

Guest House Zakharovykh

Guest House Zakharovykh

Guest House Zakharovykh

Transfiguration Church from the village Kozlyateva
Church of the Transfiguration transferred to Suzdal from the village Kozlyateva.

Wooden houses

Wooden houses on Vasilyevskaya Street
Wooden houses on Vasilyevskaya street.

Wooden House

Wooden houses and domes of churches

Suzdal Street
Typical street of the center of Suzdal.

Suzdal Street

Wooden houses

Scarecrow begs for tea in samovars
Scarecrow begs for tea in samovars :)

Brick-wooden house

Furia bust
Shybko delighted with this busty "bowsprit" on the house :)

To the old carving - those in Suzdal and Vologda!


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