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There is a lot of wooden architecture in Vologda, which was quite expected.

Carved palisade
Carved palisade. Reference :) Wooden house on Peremohy Avenue, 20 (at the corner with the Kremlin Square).

Wooden fence with a beautiful gate (on Victory Avenue from Kremlin Square).

Old wooden houses
Old wooden houses, architectural monuments of the XIX century (Vologda, Herzen Street 38 and 36). On the left, the house 1825 built, on the right - 1868 year ( Sitnikov House).

House of State Counselor A. N. Levashov
The House of State Counselor A. N. Levashov, built in 1829 in the Empire style. Vologda, ul. Herzen, 37.

In Vologda, I first met wooden classicism (!)

House of landowner D. P. Puzan-Puzyrevsky
House of the landowner D.P. Puzan-Puzyrevsky - a monument of architecture of the XIX century (Vologda, Herzen Street, 35), built in 1823 year.

Burnt wooden house
Burnt wooden house, 1915 year of construction .. Vologda, Galkinskaya st., 40.

Not that it is very interesting in architectural terms, but, all the same 100 years old house.

Wooden house of the beginning of the 20th century
The wooden house of the beginning of the 20th century, allegedly belonging to the local official Natalia Pimenovna Lamanskaya.

Galkinskaya st., 51.

House Glyceria Nikiforovna Krasnenkovoy
House Glyceria Nikiforovna Krasnenkova, the second half of the XIX century.

House of Glyceria Nikiforovna Krasnenkova
Address: Sovetsky Avenue, 48.

Former office of the State Shipping Company
Former State Shipping Company. Wooden house 1925 of the year of construction.

Soviet Ave., 43.

River Station

River Station is also wooden. And beautiful!

Sokov House
House of Archpriest Peter Vasilievich Vasilkovsky. From 1867 of the year - the house of merchant Ivan Mikhailovich Sokovov. Built in the late 1830s - early 40s. Nowadays - children's library.
Address: Soviet Ave., 20.

Ensemble of wooden mansions with bridges
Ensemble of wooden mansions with walkways - Vologda, at 14, 16, 16a, 16b, 18, 20 Soviet Avenue.

The former home of Nikolai Ivanovich Makoveev and the former chapel of Arseny Komelsky
Former house of Nikolai Ivanovich Makoveev (XIX century) and former chapel of Arseny Komelsky (Vologda, Sovetsky prospect, 8 and 10).

Souvenir fair
Souvenir Fair, Vologda, Trade Square.

Vologda dog
Vologda doggie.

Hotel Palisad
Hotel "Palisade" with clumsy letters on the facade. And the idea was interesting, the sign looks nice.
According to reviews on the booking hotel is popular.

Dream House
Dream House! View of the Vologda River, Nason-City and Kremlin approximately in the area of ​​houses 73-81 along the embankment of the 6th Army.

Ruins of a wooden house
The ruins of a wooden house, Vologda, 50 October, ul.

And the house itself is quite used! I went nuts. For example, the Muslim organization “The Light of Islam” was housed there.

Doors of a wooden house
Entrance to the Muslim center. I did not dare to enter - the house is in emergency condition, but the center is working.

House of Vasilyev merchants
House of Vasilyevs merchants.

 Old wooden house
Old wooden house on Herzen Street.

Sitnikov House
In the foreground is the Sitnikov House (assistant to the city bailiff of the Vologda Police Department, collegiate secretary and titular adviser Venedikt L. Sitnikov). Built in 1868. In the background - a wooden house of the first half of the XIX century (built in 1825).

Wooden houses along Herzen Street
Wooden houses along Herzen Street.

Brick house with a wooden carved extension
Brick house with a wooden carved extension that pretty much deteriorated ... Sovetsky prospect, 78.

Varenichnaya! Gorgeous. Restaurant " Shiry Chubby Pacyuk" Sovetsky Ave., 80.

Carved wooden house
A carved wooden house, Sovetsky Ave., 90. Built presumably in the XIX century.

Wooden door with forged elements
Wooden door with forged elements is a beauty!

Wooden House
Wooden House, Pervomayskaya Street, 12.

Carved windows
House of Kapchenko, 1901 year, 70 Kozlyanskaya st., Cultural facility heritage of federal significance. Ugly windows, of course ...

Alfa-Bank office
Alfa-Bank's office also has a carved palisade :) Sovetsky Ave, 13.

The most beautiful second-hand building in Russia!

Wooden houses on the Market Square
Wooden houses on the Market Square.

Wooden Gate
Beautiful wooden gate.

Wooden houses

Wooden advertising
Advertising in Vologda is also wooden. Beauty!

New Log House
A new one with such a solid log house. Street Burmagin.

Wooden House

Wooden House
Vorovskogo Street, 2.

Wooden House

Wooden houses
The houses are pleasant and ugly fences ...

Wooden House
And here the fence is beautiful, the part that is on the street.

Wooden house with palisade
Wooden house with palisade. It looks like the house has lost a lot of elements ...

Brick house with a wooden extension
Brick house with a beautiful wooden extension. Street Vorovskogo.

A tree-covered brick house
A tree-covered brick house is a standard Vologda theme. Well, it looks attractive. Street Vorovskogo, 46, Magnet supermarket.

Grocery shop

Grocery shop

Wooden House
It looks like a brick house lined with wood, st. Maltsev, 5.

Ivanov's House (Kozlova)
Ivanov's House (Kozlova), 1852 year of construction, Blagoveshchenskaya 34.

House of a local merchant A. F. Makaushin
House of a local merchant A. F. Makaushin, 1900 year, st. Maltsev, 3. The fence is fantastic!

Children`s Theater Charlie Club
Children's Theater "Charlie Club" (Vologda, 6 Maltsev St.), followed by a replica.

 Carved palisade on Kremlin Square
A reference "carved palisade" is assembled on Kremlin Square.

About the bear
The most carbon bear of Russia! : D

There is a huge amount of wooden architecture in Vologda and the good work is being restored and preserved, although it is very problematic to live in such houses. Therefore, most of the monuments of architecture in administrative use are museums, clubs, etc.


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