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On the eve of the 70 anniversary lifting of a blockade of Leningrad on the Italian street in St.-Petersburg have organised an exhibition open-air: «Blockade Leningrad».

 Tram of the 1937 and the car with loudspeakers
At the left — a tram those years, on the right on a background — the car with loudspeakers. trams became a symbol Blockade — they brought up ammunition directly on a front line (around present metro station «Avtovo»).

 Truck with loudspeakers on a roof
The truck with loudspeakers on a roof. Such worked till 70th years and Leningraders is more senior them saw on city streets.

 Truck with loudspeakers on a roof
Carnations were everywhere: on the technician, on anti-tank hedgehogs, at stands.

Wheelbarrow with bags, a box from under ammunition and bags with sand
Wheelbarrow with bags, a box from under ammunition and bags with the sand, closing and protecting I will become buildings.

 Trolley bus of military years, a route №1 Red Square — the Work Square
Trolley bus of military years. In the first blockade winter 19411942 years Gorsvet has extinguished electrosubstations and trolley buses with trams remained directly on lines. In the spring 1942 year the streetcar service has been restored, and trolleybus — is not present, have counted inexpedient. Trolley buses will revive only after war.

Fire-engine. Such served during Blockade
Fire-engine. Leningrad purposefully collapsed, according to the instruction №1601 German naval staffs stating desire of the Fuhrer, sounded in Paris in the end of September 1941 year: «St.-Petersburg should be wiped out» [...] «... We are not interested in preservation of life of the peace population». In this connection a city it is massed it was fired demolition both fugasno-incendiary bombs and shells that caused numerous fires.

Modern remark of anti-tank hedgehogs
The modern remark of anti-tank «hedgehogs» welded from metal profiles. Hedgehogs though are similar to the presents, and concrete posts have been made of a cardboard. Across Leningrad region hundreds concrete anti-tank posts of times of war, and rather recently, about 15-20 years ago, them were thousand. But for installation of blockade Leningrad have made the cardboard...
On a background the stand with posters of times of the Second World War and releases «Fighting pencil».

«Polutorka»(Gas-AA) with the improvised anti-tank gun
«Polutorka» (Gas-AA) with the improvised anti-tank gun with «self-made» a guard in a body. Passers-by are joyfully photographed with reconstructors, dressed on 19431944 year.

«Polutorka» with bags and wooden anti-tank «hedgehogs»

«Disguised» modern trucks
«Disguised» modern trucks. And if a touch? It is necessary to disguise. It was necessary curtains need to fasten on headlights, to complete the picture.

Stand with photos of times of blockade
At the stand with photos, cards and the list of key events Blockade it was populous. Organizers have collected a rich and interesting collection, for what it many thanks.

Antiaircraft gun of the sample of 1939
Antiaircraft gun of 1939 year. The calibre is small, but with a problem — to create a veil is a tool quite consulted.

Palace Square. On the Joint Staff projected shots of a newsreel of military years
Palace Square. On a building Joint Staff newsreel shots, archival photos, cards and schemes were projected. As on the area samples of historical technics of times the Second World War have been collected.

Armored car with a machine gun of Djagteryova
Armored car with a machine gun of Djagteryova.

Armored car with tank BT-5 tower
Flight of engineering thought: an armored car with tank BT-5 tower (BT-7?). Well and the Staff of the Guards case had a modern armour. Excuse, but pictures it is mute. Well and T-34 and post-war SU-100 have appeared are not captured (has not had time to photograph — have extinguished light on the area).

Day has come to the end with celebratory salute.


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