New Year's St.-Petersburg

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Santas on bikes
Fathers Frost and Santas on bikes!

Fathers Frost on bikes

Fathers Frost on bikes
Snow Maidens too :) Have pleased townspeople and tourists.

Fathers Frost on bikes

Nevsky prospectus
Nevsky prospectus. Present New Year's ornaments look somehow absolutely poorly in the afternoon. However, it is not much better at night.

Court yard
In a court yard of the Armenian church was such beauty.

Call in a wall.

lantern Basis
Colour fail :)

Balcony dangerous, yes.

Pushka Inn
Hotel near Pushkin's museum, from year to year decorate Fathers Frost / Santas clambering on walls and drainpipes. Rather lovely looks!

rist and carriage
Tourist is photographed with a carriage.

Antiaircraft gun
Antiaircraft gun.

Antiaircraft gun

Has caught a cold
Has caught a cold.

View to Fortress St.-Petersburg
View to Fortress St.-Petersburg

. To tourists was small flooding.

On Spit of Vasilevsky island brought antiaircraft gun, two GAZ-AA, anti-tank hedgehogs. And few cadets.

Cadets in form of the Great Patriotic War
Cadets in form of the Great Patriotic War.

Antiaircraft gun

Antiaircraft gun


Pavement sign
This amusing sign enjoys wide popularity from year to year of tourists.

Modern style window
Unreal beauty a window, Griboedov's channel

About a cat
About a cat.

Girl in a short fur coat
On this girl all looked. Weather was cold and very windy.

Always I pay attention to good advertising. Finns — gods of design.

Swedish lane
Swedish lane.


Find a cat Santa :)

 Technology and design Institute
Institute of technology and design. Design, Charles!

Meteorological pavilion
Meteorological pavilion.

Prenew Year's Nevsky prospectus

Prenew Year's Nevsky prospectus.

Prenew Year's Nevsky prospectus
this year on Nevsky prospectus and on the Palace Square it is sad ornaments.

Prenew Year's Nevsky prospectus, Green bridge
On the Green bridge something more interesting. But it could be better.

Nevsky prospectus

Fur-tree on the Palace Square
Fur-tree on the Palace Square.

That's all, I has gone home. The report is ended.


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