Celebrating Navy Day in «300 anniversary park»

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In «300 anniversary park» have built a scene, put screens, and the main action was — marines landing.

Celebrating Navy Day

Celebrating Navy Day, peoples served in the Navy

Celebrating Navy Day, young boys in fleet uniform

Celebrating Navy Day

Celebrating Navy Day, DJ

Celebrating Navy Day, Marines flag

The action beginning have postponed for an hour, people patiently stood and waited. Thumping, by the way, was a little.

Marines landing, Navy helicopter Kamov 226. Celebrating Navy Day.

The landing beginning. From the helicopter Kamov 226 the first group lands.

Marines landing, Navy helicopter Kamov 226

Marines landing from navy helicopter

After the first group was fixed, from boats and the landing ships the basic part of armies lands.
Marines landing from boats

Marines landing, landing armored troop-carrier (BTR)

Marines attack. Navy Day

Celebrating Navy Day, Marines attack
On a background the people cost in water. Organizers, even prior to the beginning of action, unsuccessfully asked all to leave on coast. The most part of people left, but has returned back when landing of troops has begun.

Spectators making a photo — Navy Day


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