St.-Petersburg, signs of the time

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The city lives, there is something new, something old is forgotten. Once traffic lights hung over crossroads, such for a long time any more will not meet. In 2015 in St.-Petersburg began to appear coffee-machines with tasty coffee and democratic prices.

Coffee-machine on the Palace Square
At first cars have appeared in suburbs, I first time have seen in 2013 in Pavlovsk park.

Coffee-machine on the Spit of Vasilevsky island

Advertising whores
Last years in advertising stickers were advertised basically hostels for guest workers, but now — whores phones.

Cafe on Nevsky prospectus
Thanks to crisis, in the centre began to be closed expensive boutiques, and open cafe. In the beginning of 2015 of the price on Nevsky prospectus there were 150–200 roubles, but by the summer have jumped up twice. But also for 300–400 roubles it is tasty and densely to eat in the centre of St.-Petersburg became a reality!

I very well remember times when in the centre was not to eat at all! Even cafes was not, only pair of restaurants with the transcendental prices.


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