St.-Petersburg. Sketches

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St.-Petersburg. Appreciable and not so details. I will begin, perhaps, such cycle of notes.
Loudspeaker on General staff.

At Isaakievsky Cathedral something repair works and the fence with a print likely granite (!)

Former German embassy
On a building of the former German embassy, attention — aerial from the Soviet magnetic store disk.

Aerial from Soviet magnetic store disk

raffic sign
Wonderfully put traffic sign :) Isaakievsky Square.

Window of Mariinsky palace. It's close by a brick! The next windows, by the way, too.

About Isaakievsky Cathedral
About Isaakievsky Cathedral.

Bas-relief on the Raskolnikov's house
Bas-relief on the Raskolnikov's house, hero of Dostoevsky's novel.

Flooding water level 19th of November, 1824
Water level of the most destructive flooding (19th of November) 1824 year. That has amazed me: in German!

Numbering of apartments
Numbering of apartments. A standard St.-Petersburg theme. Tourists, seeing such, have fun.

Signboard ITMO
ITMO university has got quite cool logo. As I have understood it's Russia, the red point notes St.-Petersburg.

rist photographs hippo
Well, and at last — the tourist photographs hippo :3. Palace Square.

That's all! Weather did not please, photo similar.


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