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 Tramways near the train station
Literally one block from Omsk-Passenger Station such a "village" with spontaneous street trading. This I did not expect to meet in such a large city.

Because the railway station is located on the outskirts, then I stomped to the center through “sleeping bags”. In general, I hoped that I could ride to the center on the river tram, but they are not! The city authorities are idiots, it would be possible to unload the roads very much at least while navigating.

Budarin square
Budarin square, hurry to see! In general, the asphalt and sidewalks are excellent in Omsk, I have no complaints.

Evangelical Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Irtysh Embankment

Irtysh Embankment, but almost no benches. And it seems liquidated river buses, and I would love to ride from the railway station to the center of the river.

Omsk port
View towards the port.

Lenin Street
A smart mansion in the frame - Office of the Federal Bailiff Service (UFSSP of Russia) in Omsk Region, ul. Lenin, 14. Former Moscow shopping malls.

Merchant mansions on Lenin Street
Merchant mansions on Lenin Street.

Merchant mansions on Lenin Street in Omsk

 Old merchant's mansion, Lenin str., 13
Old merchant mansion, st. Lenina, 13. The presence of turrets suggests that in Omsk, as in Petersburg, there was a strict altitude regulation and to show off by building above the neighbors, one could only slap the tower. Unscaled vases on the roof usually speak about the bad taste of the customer (less often - the architect).

Omsk Gate
Gate of Omsk Fortress. The fortification itself was disassembled as superfluous, only economic structures were left, and this is the gate. Yes, and they were dismantled by stupid-headed Bolsheviks in the 1936 year. Restored in 2011 year

Guns at the guardhouse
In the historical building of guardhouse there is a military enlistment office, 18th century guns are installed at the entrance.

Resurrection Military Cathedral
Resurrection Military Cathedral, Omsk, st. Spartakovskaya, 3A.

Museum of Military Glory
Omsk Military Glory Museum Complex, Omsk, st. Taube, 7. In the courtyard stands the technique of the Great Patriotic War, in the frame of the Katusha MLRS and the ISU-152 self-propelled gun.

Exposition with bears
When I was in Omsk, the city hastily prepared for the coming day of the city, in the Exhibition Square such a funny exposition with bears.

Barn bin

Barn bin, an economic structure of the Omsk fortress.

Omsk Fortress Museum
The building of the museum "Omsk fortress", on the left is a stage and flags - Omsk preparing for the city day.

Tobolsk Gate
Tobolsk Gate of the Omsk Fortress (1794 year ). The only of the four gates of the fortress, preserved to our days.

Embankment of the Irtysh River
The Embankment of the Irtysh River is gorgeous! With benches and dedicated lane for cyclists.

Omsk Fortress
View of the Omsk Fortress from Tukhachevsky Embankment, in the center - Recycle barn.

Benches on the museum grounds
Benches on the museum grounds "Omsk Fortress" very miserable and stupid, although expensive. The authors themselves would have sat on such, but preferably in the middle.

The Irtysh River, in the distance you can see the bridge to them. 60th Anniversary of Victory, on the left is the Omsk region Bolshaya Ostrovka.

Cyclists on the Irtysh Embankment

Residential building on the territory of the fortress
Looks into the holy nineties pidorasy managed to get permission and otgrohat residential high-rise building right inside the fortress. Left and right are the barracks of the Omsk fortress.

Assumption Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Omsk, 12 International Street., Pioneer Square. What a sur :)

Regional Legislative Assembly
Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region.

Assumption Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Lady of Our Lady and Virgin Mary, in 1891 - 1898, by architect E. F. Virri. Worship services were stopped in 1923, the bells were dropped in 1933, blown up in 1935 year. Built again in 2005 - 2007 on the old foundation and according to the old drawings.

Church shop
Church shop, not far from Assumption Cathedral Omsk.

Museum of Fine Arts
Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after MA Vrubel, ul. Lenina, 3. Former City Trade Corps (City Exchange). Architect: A. D. Kryachkov. Built in 1914 year.

Omsk Drama Theater
< strong> Omsk State Academic Drama Theater, ul. Lenin, 8A. Landmark Omsk, the building 1905 built by architect And G. Khvorinov. The building attracts the eye with the winged genius sculpture on the pediment, which is a symbol of the theater.

Omsk State Medical University
Omsk State Medical University, Pediatric Faculty, Lenin Street, 12. The building of the former shop of the Ovsyannikov-Ganshins brothers, 1906 of the year of construction. The unofficial popular name for this part of the street is Lubinsky Prospect, from the Lubinskaya Grove, named after the late wife of the Governor General Omsk Gasford.

Benches on Lenin Street
Unlike the museum Omsk Fortress, the benches on Lenin Street are chic. This option of benches is the only true and strange that it does not reach the city authorities and manufacturers. And in the frame are very cool lights. Beautiful, both aesthetically and functionally and extensively for such a street.

Budarin Square
Budarin Square.

View of the Om river from the Komsomol bridge and the completed bridge to continue Lenin street. On the right you can see the Seraphim-Alekseevskaya Chapel.

Omsk City Council
Omsk City Council is located in the smartest historical the building 1897 built, architect M. Shukhman (Omsk, Dumskaya st., 1 ). Behind the brutal building Musical Theater.

Musical Theater
Omsk State Musical Theater and Theater Square with gorgeous Soviet lanterns, Omsk, ul. 10 years October, 2.

Omsk Customs Building
The Omsk Customs Building, the former house and the warehouse of the Kolmakov brothers (1901 year). Omsk, Sazhinskaya street, 39. Pay attention to the stone star of David on the facade.

House and warehouse of the Kolmakov brothers, Sazhinskaya street, 39

Marshal Zhukov Street
Marshal Zhukov Street, beautiful houses Pochtovaya 22 and Zhukova 65 form propylene, although it can be seen that the houses are different, possibly from different years and architects.

Omsk synagogue
Omsk synagogue Omsk Judaic Community Or Hadash, Omsk, Marshal Zhukov Street, 53.

Wooden house with a spire
Wooden "house with a spire", st. Pushkin, 26.

Old wooden houses
Old wooden houses with carved platbands on the windows. Beauty! In the foreground house at ul. Chkalov, 55, in the back - st. Marshal Zhukov, 71.

Old wooden house, 73 Marshal Zhukov st.
Old wooden house, st. Marshal Zhukov, 73.

Old wooden house, 31 Krasny Zor str.
Old wooden house, Omsk, ul. Red Dawn, 31.


One of the main party streets Omsk - Chokan Velikhanov. A dude without a palea paws a pacaca :)

Omsk Museum of Kondraty Belov
Omsk Museum of Kondraty Belov, a beautiful wooden building on Chokan Velikhanov Street, 10.

Chokan Velikhanov Street
Pedestrian Chokan Velikhanov Street, two old wooden houses and an interesting avant-garde fountain.

Something tells me that, in girlhood, this beautiful wooden house did not have such a shameful door and similar windows.

Former House of Architect
Former House of Architect, now - consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chokan Velikhanov Street
Gorgeous art objects are installed on Chokan Velikhanov Street. Poor benches, that's it.

About street musician
Omsk, Chokan Velikhanov Street, glass arch.

Glass arch
On the side of the embankment Irtysh Chokana Velikhanov Street is flanked by a glass arch.

Arch of glass
I really do not like such a city glass and metal, but I liked this arch. Without it, it would be sad.

House of Lieutenant-General N. D. Kozlov
House of Lieutenant-General N. D. Kozlov, built in 1910 year. Nowadays - Omsk Regional House of Journalists.

Irtysh Embankment
Omsk, embankment of the river Irtysh.

Leningradsky Bridge
Leningradsky Bridge via Irtysh, Omsk, Irtyshskaya Embankment.

Station Omsk-Pass Irsky
Railway station Omsk-Passenger.

Old House
Old house, once a church, Omsk, ul. Marchenko, 1 (near railway station). Now "Children's Art School № 4".

In Omsk, quite a lot of merchant antiquity has survived, which is in excellent condition, Lenin Street is generally gorgeous! Plus a lot of different sculptures, a very interesting city.


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