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"Lyubochka" - a monument to the wife of the Governor-General of Siberia G. Kh. Gasfort, Omsk, the intersection of Lenin and Karl Liebknecht streets.

Hollywood actor

Next to Van Gogh stands a sculpture "Hollywood actor."

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh, it would seem, what does he have to do with it? But do not care, tourists, townspeople like it, and the girls happily photographed with a nice little monument.

Locksmith Stepanych
Locksmith Stepanych is a plumbing monument in Omsk at the intersection of Lenin and Karl Liebknecht streets. One of the coolest sculptures in Omsk!

The sculpture "Gorodovoi" (policeman), Omsk, Lenin Street.

Historic gate of Lubin's Grove
The historic gateway of the Lyubina Grove (which stood here in the XIX century).

Monument to the soldiers of law and order
Monument to the soldiers of law and order, Omsk, near the building on the street. Dostoevsky, 2 ( Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Omsk Region and the Museum of the History of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ).

Monument to Dostoevsky
The monument to F. M. Dostoevsky, Omsk, flanks Spartakovskaya Street from Partizanskaya Street.

Golden marathon runner
Sculpture "The Golden Marathon Runner", Omsk, Krasny Way Street (almost opposite to the Legislative Assembly). It is not clear where he is golden, but oh well. The author sees, so what to do.

The sculpture "The Deer" ( Omsk ) in a park on the corner of Internatsionalnaya and Krasny Put.

Tsar Liberator

The Tsar Liberator is a grateful people, probably the remnant of the monument to Alexander II.

Penguin Feeding Children
Children feed penguins, Omsk, Pioneer Square. Now you have seen, if not everything, then a lot.

Victims of political repression
Monument to victims of political repression, Omsk, Pavlik Morozov Square. What a sur in the cube!

Fireman on duty
Firefighter on duty. The dummy, of course, more precisely the sculpture - the fire Vasilich. The historic building of the fire tower with an unreal beautiful turret. Omsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 41, korp. 2

A similar dummy "on duty" in St. Petersburg at the calanche of the Okhtinskaya assembly part (the 16th detachment of the FPS 12 fire brigade).

Monument to Vrubel
Monument M. A. Vrubel near the Museum of Fine Arts named after him.

Merchant and photographer
Merchant and photographer.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin, Omsk, st. Lenin, 10.

Good soldier Schweik
Monument to Joseph Schweik, sculpture near house 5A on Karl Marx Avenue, Omsk.

Monument to Chokan Velikhanov
Monument to Chokan Chingizovich Velikhanov ( 1835 - 1865 ), an outstanding Kazakh scholar, a graduate of the Omsk Cadet Corps, an officer of the Siberian Cossack army on the street of Omsk. In the old mansion behind the monument (Chokan Velikhanov St., 9) housed the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Former Architect House ).

Sculptures in Omsk are awesome! So far, the leader in my ranking of Russian cities on this indicator. St. Petersburg, I do not think :) Plumbing sculptures, firefighter and children with penguins - the platinum of my collection of monuments and sculptures.


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