State Philharmonic of the Altai Region

State Philharmonic of the Altai Region photo - Barnaul
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10.08.2018  18:05

State Philharmonic of the Altai Region (Neo-Russian style), Barnaul, Polzunova str., 35 and view of Polzunova street. A moving tram train like this, rare, but in excellent state. At the end of the 19th century, the outstanding public figure V. K. Shtilke and the Barnaul Primary Education Society took the initiative to build a public house in the city. world in peace. Large investments were made by the Ministry of Finance, Barnaul City Council, merchants from different cities of the region. The house was built in 1898 - 1900 years on the foundation of the burned-out guardhouse designed by the famous Russian architect I. P. Ropeta. In Barnaul, architect I. Nosovich was responsible for the construction, who made some changes to the project.

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photo near Barnaul
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  • Dispatcher tram station «Freedom Square»
  • State Philharmonic of the Altai Region
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Barnaul — center of Altay region, founded in 1730 year.



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