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In Kirovsk on Nevsky Pyatachok there is a museum “Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad”, in which every resident of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region is obliged to visit.

Tank T-34 photo - Suburbs of St. Petersburg
Tank T-34 near the museum "Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad."

Guns ZIS-2 and ZIS-3

Guns ZIS-2 and ZIS-3.

ZhBOT and concrete battens
ZhBOT and concrete battens.

T-26 tank turret
Tower T-26 tank, turned into a firing point.

Armored slider
Armored slider.

Pillar at the buffet
The pillar at the buffet "Soldier's Porridge."

The exposition "Heirs of Heroes", post-war tanks T-54, T-62, T-72 and T-80.

Post-war tanks
Post-war tanks.

Outdoor photo exhibition
Outdoor photo exhibition. Subject for some reason, Stalingrad, probably this exhibition is temporary and changes with periodicity.

The tanks found in the battlefields raised from the bottom of the Neva and under the Mgoy are being prepared for May 9th.

KV-1 raised from the bottom of the Neva

KV-1 raised from the bottom of the Neva.

Exposition in the cinema
There are 2 halls in the museum: the first is a cinema hall, the second is a diorama.

Cinema screen
Screen cinema. An employee of the museum is somewhere busily tarakanila German grenade.

Neighborhood map
Map of the neighborhood, where the operation "Iskra". After the film, the actions of our and German troops will be projected onto this map from the first attempts to break through the blockade until the events of January 1943.

Stand with PTRD and helmet fighter MPVO
Stand with PTRD and helmet fighter MPVO.

On the diorama one day of battles on Nevsky Pyatachka is presented, all fighters are real historical figures. Intelligence group was able to overcome the river and sneaks through the trench, the first is the guard, Senior Lieutenant Konstantin Nepoklonov. The signalman closes the group, guard Sergeant Mikhail Babiev, for whom this fight will be the last.

Entrance is made up under the dugout. Getting into the “Breakthrough” panorama, a person from today's time is transferred, as it were, to January 13, 1943, on the Nevsky Piglet. Operation Iskra is underway, the 131st Infantry Regiment of the 45th Guards Division is advancing - it must break through in the direction of the German village of Arbuzovo. The offensive from Piglet then failed: the Germans were preparing for our strike. Thus, the 45th division took fire on itself: it pulled away the forces of the enemy and enabled our troops to attack the main direction of the breakthrough

The absolute majority of the items on the diorama are real weapons, ammunition found by search engines on the battlefield.

Commander BT-5
The commanding BT-5 was not hit - after hitting a German dugout, "foxhole", the tank damaged the undercarriage. Over the battlefield sweeps German attack aircraft Junkers Ju-87 Stuka.

The machine gunner in Dyagteryov machine gun
The machine gunner in the machine gun Dygtereva.

Margarita Menshagina with the help of dogs delivers ammunition to the front line and takes the wounded from the left bank
19-year-old Margarita Menshagina, sergeant of the 4th battalion of tank destroyers, who was nicknamed the “maiden team”, with the help of dogs delivers ammunition to the front line and takes the wounded from the left bank.

One of the dogs escaped from the team frightened by explosions.

Medical instructor Valentina Fadina assists tank commander
The medical instructor Valentina Fadina bent over the unconscious commander of a tank company Vasily Spivak. According to the documents, in the battles on the Nevsky Piglet on January 12 and 13, 1943, she assisted more than two hundred wounded. She was awarded the medal "For Courage" ... Killed in 1944, burned in a tank.

Tankman at BT-5
Tankman Gregory Blashko at BT-5 covers up while the commander is assisted. According to our charter of those years, tankers in the event of a tank malfunction should have taken all-round defense, a car should not be thrown.

Medical instructor Vasily Ashitov helps the wounded man.

Guard foreman Vladimir Devyatkin near the turret of the T-26 tank is shot from a submachine gun.

Roman Belov in the prototype of modern body armor, such appeared during the war and were issued to the engineering and assault units (the forerunner of the special forces). This is the “oldest” fighter - he is 37 years old. The rest of the soldiers are 18-20. Roman Belov, the father of three children, will die here the next day.

Filimon Yakimovich Sokolov went hand in hand with the German
Filimon Yakimovich Sokolov went hand in hand with the German.

Hand-to-hand fight

Part of the sewing machine
Part of the bed of the sewing machine went to the fortifications, the floor was littered with cartridges.

Fight on the Neva bridgehead
Fight on the Neva bridgehead. Junior Lieutenant Mihrab Ibragimov sneaks up to a German machine gun point.

The spectator sees the diorama not from the outside, but somehow becomes a participant and a witness to the events, walking between the fighters. The guide tells in detail about each participant in the battle, at the end adding that only three remained alive. In the end the light will be extinguished and a small fragment of the night battle will pass.

The authors of the diorama are Dmitry Poshtarenko and the group “Nevsky battleist”. Events restored with the utmost confidence, for which many thanks to the creators of the exhibition! Yes, this same group did the exhibition Battle for Berlin .

The Military Historical Museum "Breaking the Siege of Leningrad" is open from 10:00 to 18:30 (Saturday until 19:30), guided tours are held every half hour. You can get on the bus 575 from the station. m. "Street Dybenko." Admission ticket - 200 p.


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