Museum of defence of Leningrad

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Machine gun «Maxim»
Machine gun «Maxim».

Machine gun «Maxim»

Honeycombed machine gun «Maxim»
Honeycombed machine gun «Maxim».

Machine gun DShK in antiaircraft variation
Machine gun DShK in antiaircraft variation.

Anti-automobile barrier
Anti-automobile barrier (to a campaign from tractor trucks).

German motorcycle
German motorcycle with tactical designations of Wehrmacht (BMW or Zündapp).

Machine gun barrel
Machine gun barrel (DShK?)

Index from «Life Road»
Index from «Life Road».

Machine gun «Maxim» on a sledge
Machine gun «Maxim» on a sledge with a winter camouflage.

Sculpture of mechanics at the machine tool
Pleasant small sculpture of mechanics at the machine tool. Men generally have left on front, they were replaced with women and children.

Microphone of 40th years
In such microphone told «a voice of Leningrad» Olga Berggolts.

Mail box of 40th years

the Mail box of 40th years, on a background a full-size breadboard model of a felling of a front dugout.

Theatrical doll — «fascist»
Such fascists made for the Leningrad children's theatres.

Theatrical doll — «fascist» and theatrical «Hitler»

Address of the Museum of defence of Leningrad : St.-Petersburg, the Solyanoy lane, 9 (underground station «Chernyshevskaya»). Cashbox working: daily from 10:00 till 17:00, on Wednesday from 12:30 till 19:30; the day off — Tuesday, last Thursday each month - sanitary day. Museum works: from 10:00 till 18:00, wednesday — from 12:30 till 20:30.

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