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From traveling around Russia, I had a collection of photos of buildings on eclecticism (architectural style, popular in the late XIX century - early XX, in fact, the mixture of styles, different crushed decorative elements).

House Sevastyanova
The house of Sevastyanov, also the house of the mountain official I. Polkov, the district court, the house of trade unions, the house of presidential receptions. The building of the 1860s was built by the project A. I. Paduchev. Eclectic with elements of Neo-Baroque, Pseudo-Gothic and Neo-Mauritanian style. Here is such a stuffing, but the mansion is very attractive and unusual.
Yekaterinburg, prosp. Lenin, 35.

Alexandrovsky Passage

Alexandrovsky Passage, the building was built by merchant Alexander Sergeevich Aleksandrov. The opening of the Passage took place on November 8, 1883. Now abandoned, restored only the facade.

Kazan, Kremlin st., 17.

Beit hava
Beit Khava - Jewish community, Voronezh, Stankevich street, 6. The building was built in 1899 - 1902 according to the project of the Voronezh architect, Catholic in religion, S. L. Myslovsky at the expense of the Jewish community of the city. The building is designed in eclectic style with Moorish motifs.

Tverskaya Square
Tverskaya Square
Tver is unique in that Tverskaya Square is also a street!
In the foreground is the brick house of the 18th century Tetyaev-Rubtsovykh.

Museum City
" City Museum ", Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 6 (Lev Tolstoy Street, 24).

The building of the former City Council
The building of the former city council of 1914-1916 was built, now the Museum City. The building housed the thought (on the second floor) and the merchant S. Y. Yakovlev and A. I. Polyakov's shop on the first floor, the windows of the latter were decorated with mirrored glass discharged from St. Petersburg, the clock in the tower was also discharged from the capital from the Swiss watch shop . Address: Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 4 (Lev Tolstoy Street, 24).

St.Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church, Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 36. Eclectic with elements of Russian-Byzantine style.

Shop "Red"
Shop "Red", Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 14. Merchant Polyakov's trading house is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. The store building was built in 1913. Probably the most beautiful structure of Barnaul and one of the symbols of the city.

Omsk Drama Theater
Omsk Drama Theater, st. Lenin, 8A. Landmark of Omsk, a building built in 1905, architect I. G. Khvorinov. The building attracts the eye with the winged genius sculpture on the pediment, which is a symbol of the theater.

Former building of the hotel "Golden Anchor"
The former building of the hotel "Golden Anchor", built in 1868 - 1875 by the merchants Bryzgalov. For a long time the tallest building in Vologda.
Now the hotel and offices.

Vologda, Soviet Avenue, 6.

The ballot boxes on the roof are very funny :) I imagine how the merchants-customers carried the brain to the architect.

Sokolovskaya poorhouse

The almshouse of Sokolovka with the home church of the holy apostles James and John, a historic building of the early 20th century (built between 1907 and 1911 ), an architectural monument, an object of cultural heritage of regional significance. The complex of buildings was built with the money of a merchant, whose last name was named.

Address: Samara, st. Chkalov 98 / Michurin 2. The building is now occupied by the Department of convoy GUIN of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Samara region (PKU MC GUFSIN Russia for the Samara region).

House Petrazhitskogo
House Petrazhitskogo, built in 1875.

Yaroslavl, st. Ushinsky, 38.

Nakhimov College
Nakhimov College, Petersburg.

City Government
City Government
Historical building on Lenin Street, Building 7 - the former city government, now the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa.

Center A. B. Michepina
Center AB Michael, building of 1865 (architect: IK Kostryukov).
Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St., 12.

Palace of Children's Art
The Palace of Children's Art named after V.P. Chkalov (the former Peasant Land Bank), an unusual building of 1916. Nizhny Novgorod, Piskunova street, 39.

The collection of photos of houses in the style of eclecticism will be replenished!


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