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On Sunday, on November, 15th 2009, in Gatchina there has passed military-historical reconstruction of fights of Red army against Northwest Army general Judenicha for Petrograd. Clubs St.-Petersburg, ammunitions engaged in reconstruction and arms of those years, have gathered in Gatchina to win back two battles 1919 year.

Fire of infantry of White Guards of Judenicha of a photo — Nastuplenie Judenicha to Petrograd

The first fight have won armies Northwest Army, in the second top took fighters Red army. Organizers have planned in such a manner that spectators have tired out for 200 metres from a place of fights, to it battles could look only at units which have remained in nearby bushes.

On a course of action of photographers repeatedly expelled, threatening to involve forces of law and order for exclusion of «superfluous» fights from a place. Reached the ridiculous. The commander white, differing the greatest paranoia to photographers, expels a handful with chambers for the surrounded district. Somebody from organizers sends on former places of shooting, adding: «Correspondents are necessary to us, you can photograph therefrom» (specifying in a place, whence just all strangers have been dispersed). And so repeats some times during both fights.

if not impreparation of organizers and not idiocy of the commander white reconstruction has passed successfully that mainly, were provided with its participants.


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