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I spent a little more than a week in Barnaul, but it took only a couple of nights to walk. Therefore, I missed something, for example, I forgot about the existence of Demidov Square with the Demidov pillar and did not turn to elk sculpture, of which I already have a collection in Russia. Well, we'll have to look again :) So, the capital of the Altai Region is Barnaul!

Cinema Russia
Cinema "Russia", address: Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 19.

House under the spire

"House under the spire" is one of the symbols Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 82, October Square. Home 1953 - 1956 Years built. Tram I specifically waited, the rolling stock of electric transport in Barnaul is rare, but in excellent condition. According to intelligence data, a weather vane no longer shows the direction of the wind, 1.5 million rubles are needed for restoration, and only a few thousand are collected.

Altai Youth Theater
Altai Youth Theater, Barnaul, 2 Kalinin Avenue, October Square.

Altai State University
Alta Yoi State University (ASU). What brutalism in the midst of Stalinist building! Barnaul, address: Lenin Avenue, 61, near the Council Square and the Government of the Altai Territory.

Pharmacy №4
Pharmacy No. 4, Barnaul, 44/60 Lenin Avenue. Former Catholic church, destroyed in 1936 year. The pharmacy in this building from 1937 of the year, the Catholic community since the 90s has been trying to regain the building with restoration plans.

Alley on Lenin Avenue
Alley on Lenin Avenue is chic, green. There are almost no benches and litter bins, the problem itself.

Rodina Cinema
Rodina Cinema, Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, 17A. Building 1941 built by architect G. H. Fren.

Museum City
"Museum City", Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 6 (Lev Tolstoy Street, 24).

Monument to Polzunov
Monument to Polzunov, one of the symbols Barnaul, installed in front of the Altai State Technical University. I. I. Polzunova, address: prosp. Lenin, 46.

Restaurant Pili-shvili
Restaurant" Pili-shvili ", Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 44A. As I laughed with the name. Restaurant Caucasian cuisine and, I want to note, it seems a popular institution in the city.

Pharmacy No. 4

This is the same building Pharmacies at night, Barnaul, 44/60 Lenin Avenue.

Kirov Street
Kirov Street in Barnaul, judging by the photos, it has been so modernized recently - a flowerbed has been broken, and lights and benches. Benches designed by a moronic designer :)

Shopping and office center Avenue
Shopping and office center Prospect, Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 39. In the windows - a reflection of the St. Nicholas Church.

St. Nicholas church
St.Nicholas Orthodox Church, Barnaul, prosp.. Lenin, 36. Eclecticism with elements of the Russian-Byzantine style.

House Three warriors
"Three warriors", a residential building with domes, the main office of "Sberbank" - Barnaul, Lenin Ave., 31. The artsy building, built in the 90s and already became one of the symbols of Barnaul.

Industrial architecture
Beautiful pr The temple in excellent condition, Barnaul, ul. Guerrilla, 56. Monument of architecture.
There is a plaque on the wall of the house:
“In this building from July 26, 1941 to August 1946 was located Lepel Artillery Mortar School"

F. Dzerzhinsky's bust
Bust F. E. Dzerzhinsky near the Federal Security Service Directorate for the Altai Territory (Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, 30).

Altai Regional Court
Altai Regional Court (address: Barnaul, International ul., 57/25), in the middle of the alley - Lenin monument. In Soviet times, this building was a local governor, which is why the USSR emblem under the roof and the pompous Stalinist architecture.

House of the Unions
House of Unions, Stalin on 23/85 Lenin Avenue, Barnaul. The building of the House of Unions was built in 1939 - 1942 under the project of architects A.V. Baranskyi and V.L. Kazarinov. In Soviet times, various trade union organizations were located here, now Altai Institute of Labor and Law is located here. In 1990, the building was recognized as an architectural monument of regional significance.

On the third floor stands the figure of a construction worker:
a figure of a construction worker on the facade of the House of Unions

Former Police Department
Former Police Department, building of the beginning of the 20th century, monument architecture. Address: Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, 20. Now the building houses Sberbank of Russia.

Barnaul Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church
Barnaul Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 17/st. Korolenko, 56. The building of the former Theological College (1869 year of construction, reconstruction 1923 of the year), architect N. Shuldal, reconstruction by P. P. Kurkovsky.

Administration of Barnaul
Administration Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 18. The former House of the head of the Altai Mining District is an architectural monument of the first half of the XIX, Russian classicism.

Triangular balconies cast a spell already raking pictures. For cats? :)

Wedding Palace
Wedding Palace, Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 11.

Shop Red
Shop "Red", Barnaul, prosp. Lenina, 14. Merchant Polyakov's trading house is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. The store building was built in 1913. Probably the most beautiful structure of Barnaul and one of the symbols of the city.

Ministry of Construction
Ministry of Construction, Transport, Housing and Public Utilities Altai Territory. Hmm... The Ministry of Construction must have the ugliest building of glass, concrete and shit. And in the area of ​​historic buildings Barnaul! Crossroads of Lenin Avenue and Polzunov Street.

Street of Barnaul
One of the streets of Barnaul, adjacent to Lenin Avenue. The roads in Barnaul seem like average scall. Well and fierce fortress on the right balconies.

Business center Nevsky
Business center "Nevsky", heading "everywhere signs".

The estate of a merchant and industrialist Platonov
The estate of a merchant and industrialist Platonov (left), Barnaul, Pushkin Street, 40. Now the building houses the Military Commissariat of the Altai Territory.

Military enlistment office
Military enlistment office.

Street Index
Street Index on it :)

Moscow Avenue shopping center
Moscow Avenue shopping center, a cool promarh of the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. Address: Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, 6.

City Council building
City Duma Building 1914 - 1916 built, now City Museum. The building housed the Duma and the store, the windows of the latter were decorated with mirrored glass drawn from St. Petersburg, the clock in the tower was also discharged from the capital from a swiss watch store. Address: Barnaul, prosp. Lenin, 4 (Lev Tolstoy Street, 24).

Begins of Lenin Avenue
Begins of Lenin Avenue

Barnaul Arbat (Malo-Tobolskaya Street)
The pedestrian part of Malo-Tobolskaya Street, Barnaul Arbat, with lanterns, benches and old mansions (only one is in a ruined state, the rest are restored).

Barnaul Arbat
Merchant mansions on the Barnaul Arbat. Dal benches are few and primitive. Yes, the lights are small (but this is probably the problem of all the cities of Russia and modern lamps).

Bear sculpture , Malo-Tobolskaya Street (Barnaul Arbat), Barnaul. Siberia, bears - everything is as it should be. And the bear enjoys the well-deserved love of Barnaul children.

Ruins of the former department store of the Trading House D. N. Sukhov and Sons
Ruins of the former department store Trading House "D. N. Sukhov and Sons ", Malo-Tobolskaya Street (Barnaul Arbat), Barnaul. The building 1880 was built quite recently in adequate condition, there was a grocery store on the first floor, an inscription above the right door was fantastic beauty "Bread", and on the corner - "deli", it seems lost forever...

Former department store of the Trading House D. N. Sukhov and Sons
Old sign "deli". Photo is not mine.

Former department store of the Trading House D. N. Sukhov and Sons
Old sign "bread". Photo is not mine.

Bridge over the Barnaulka River
Bridge over the Barnaulka River and view of the Nagorny Park.

Barnaulka River
Barnaulka River, this is such a tiny one.

The man shot I had a cigarette and rubbed something that he was the director, which often happens in St. Petersburg.

Stairs to Nagorny Park
Stairs to Nagorny Park, the main place of the Barnaul festivities is this park and the embankment, which has recently been thoroughly developed.

Pedestrian tunnel under the junction leading to the Mountain Park
A pedestrian tunnel was laid under the road junction of the exit from the New Bridge, otherwise a big hook would have to be made.

Art «Dance»
“Round-dance” art-object at the foot of the Nagorny-Park (Barnaul). The shop “Flowers for you” was great, scratched and made such a simple installation. Both people enjoy themselves and push themselves.

At the top of the Highland Park
Girls at the top of the Highland Park enjoy the panorama Barnaul, and the views are really spectacular!

Panorama of Barnaul
Panorama Barnaul from Nagorny Park.

View of Barnaul and Ob
View of Barnaul and Ob from Nagorny Park.

Mikhailovich Yadrintsev grave
Monument at the grave of Nikolai Mikhailovich Yadrintsev with the inscription -" Siberians - writer-publicist of Siberia. " In 1894 Omich Nikolai Mikhailovich, at his personal request, was appointed head of the statistical department of the Altai Mining District Office. Arriving at Barnaul, and having stayed there only 7 days, because of unrequited love being in the heat of passion, he committed suicide - he took poison in the house of merchant Sulin. Such cases.. And 10 years later, in 1904, fans of the writer's talent installed this monument on the top of the Nagorny Park, the so-called. The highland cemetery where prominent Barnaulites are buried.

As you can see, dear reader, cretins already in those days confused dashes, hyphens and minus signs.

The letters Barnaul
seven-meter the letters "Barnaul" on the top of the Nagorny Park, a business card and one of the symbols Barnaul. It struck me that the lights only turn on on weekends.

View of the Mountain Park
View of the Mountain Park and the symbol of the city, seven-meter letters" Barnaul "from the New Bridge over the Ob.

Znamensky convent
Barnaul Znamensky Women's Monastery, Barnaul, Bolshaya Olonsk я ул., 24.

House of merchant A. G. Morozov
The house of merchant A. G. Morozov, Barnaul, Lev Tolstoy Street, 38.

The merchant of the first guild Andrei Grigorievich Morozov was a well-known personality in Barnaul, one of the richest people in the city. He founded the trading house “A. G. Morozov with Sons ”, whose branches worked both in Barnaul and in other cities of the region - in Biysk, Kamen, Kuznetsk, Shelabolikh, Ust-Charyshskaya Pristan. Morozov shops sold any goods: clothing, shoes, fabrics, dishes, hardware, wines, grain, agricultural equipment. In 1914, his company ranked first in Barnaul in terms of trade turnover. The merchant's sons did not complain about the lack of money either. One of them, Mikhail, even bought the first car in the city. The Morozovs were actively involved in charity work, allocated money for the needs of education, were respected people in society. Both Andrei Morozov and his son Mikhail were elected as public councils of the city duma.

Tram dispatch station Freedom Square
The dispatcher tram station "Freedom Square" - chic and functional constructivism ! Barnaul, Socialist Ave., 14A. At this point, the tram ring and the terminus, it was here in 1948 that the first tram route in the city was launched, tram No. 1 ran from Freedom Square to the neighborhood, where the Yubileiny market is now located.

State Philharmonic of Altai Territory
State Philharmonic of Altai Territory (neo-Russian style), Barnaul, ul. Polzunova, 35 and view of the street Polzunova. Rolling tram composition is such a rare, however, in excellent condition.

At the end of the 19th century, the outstanding public figure V.K. Shtilke and the Barnaul Society for Primary Education took the initiative to build the National House in the city. Money for him was collected by the whole world. Major investments were made by the Ministry of Finance, Barnaul City Council, merchants from different cities of the region. The house was built in 1898 - 1900 years on the foundation of the burned down the guardhouse by the famous Russian architect IP Ropet. In Barnaul, architect I. Nosovich was responsible for the construction, who made some changes to the project.

Museum of pharmacy Mountain pharmacy
Museum of pharmacy "Mountain pharmacy", Barnaul, st. Polzunova, 42.

Forged Mailbox
On the fence at the entrance to the Mountain pharmacy hangs unreal beauty forged mailbox.

Mining pharmacy appeared in Barnaul in the XVIII century, during the time of the existence of the Akinfiy Demidov mining plants. She played an important role in supplying the hospitals of the mining district with medicines and medical supplies. To replace the wooden building of the pharmacy in 1793, a new brick building was built in Altai according to the design of architect Andrey Molchanov. The facade of the building is designed in a classic manner. In the “Mountain pharmacy” the residential and pharmacy parts were combined: in the residential part there was a pharmacist's apartment, and in the pharmacy there was a trading hall, a warehouse, a laboratory, a room for textbooks and a cellar. Outstanding travelers and explorers lived and worked here at different times: Peter Simon Pallas, Friedrich Gebler, Karl Ledebur, Eric Laxman. For many years, the mountain pharmacy was a major center through which supplies of district hospitals were supplied with medicines, tools, books for doctors. Drugs were made from herbs that were grown literally across the road - on the plots of the pharmaceutical garden (where Central Park is now located), or were discharged from Moscow.

In 1942, the Galene Pharmaceutical Laboratory was located in the building at the place of the pharmacy, and later the Barnaul Pharmaceutical Factory.

In 2012, the building opened the Regional Tourist Center "Mountain Pharmacy" in which the Museum of the History of Pharmacy in Altai and the exhibition hall of products of enterprises belonging to the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster function.

Take a photo of us!
I’ve got a funny bit of a couple of very young young people:
- Take a photo of us! ... Fuck, just not on the background of the registrar!

Passers-by on Lenin Avenue

The trading house, behind it is one of the numerous buildings belonging to the trading house “A. G. Morozov and Sons”,“Morozovskiy Department Store”. In the 1930-1950s, the building housed the NKVD administration of the Altai Territory.

Shopping center Old Bazaar
Shopping center " Old Bazaar ", the very beginning of Lenin Avenue. On the right you can see the trading house of I.F. Smirnov.

In addition to Demidov Square, another couple of airplanes and some nishtyakov flew past in trifles. We'll have to make up! If you're lucky, next summer, I really hope that I liked the town.

Pozharka Bar
According to statistics, the Altai Territory is considered one of the most depressed regions of Russia, with low wages. In the cities of Russia, I derived the observation that if there are many pubs / coffee shops / restaurants, it means either many tourists or non-poor people. So in Barnaul I had to look for a pub and, it seems, I found the best one - the Pozharka Bar, Lenin Avenue 39, second floor. In addition to the chic setting on the fire theme and the cool uniforms of the working girls, there are also gorgeous views of the avenue and the Nikolskaya Church.


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