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Yaroslavsky railway bridge
The Yaroslavl Railway Bridge over the Volga, the first railway bridge at this place was opened in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II in 1913 .

About hedgehog

About hedgehog. It is unlikely that it was accidentally, for sure they deliberately stirred up :) it turned out funny!

Yaroslavl, Republican Street, near the building of Yaroslavl Vodokanal.

Wooden house
Nice wooden house, not like what is modern.

Yaroslavl, Pyatnitskaya st., 4.

Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Church in Kalachnaya settlement
The Church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Kalachnaya Sloboda built in 1747, rebuilt in a century. In 1931, closed and became a warehouse. Nearby the standing bell tower is broken. Reopened in 1995 and renovated.

Yaroslavl, Pyatnitskaya Str., 5.

Yaroslavl Cathedral Mosque
Yaroslavl Cathedral Mosque, built in 1910 .

Cathedral Mosque
Yaroslavl, st. Victory, 20.

House with eggs
" House with Eggs " for the spire design element :)

Yaroslavl, Lenin Avenue, 20 (architect: Alexander A. Matveeva).

Alley on Lenin Avenue
The alley along Lenin Avenue is well-equipped. Lanterns and benches are not enough ... Well, the benches are stupid. But at least enough boxes.


Yaroslavl Distillery
The official date of foundation of the Yaroslavl distillery is considered to be July 1, 1901, this year is stamped on the facade.

Yaroslavl Distillery

Address: Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya St., 63.

In Yaroslavl, good roads, well, that's a little bit out of town a little shitty.

Wall of the Yaroslavl Distillery Plant
Wall of the Yaroslavl distillation plant.

Company shop of the Yaroslavl Distillery Plant
Brand shop of Yaroslavl distillery. The sign is a little porn, but the promarch is pleasant.

The best bus stop in <a href=Russia" border="0" />
The best bus stop in Russia

Hotel house of the Russian-German friendship
Hotel "Yaroslavl - Kassel" - the house of the Russian-German friendship. Architectural monument.

Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya st., 26/10.

the Red Square
Red Square .

Red Square and the descent to the Volga
Red Square and the descent to the Volga.

Fire Station number 1
Fire station number 1 on the Red Square of Yaroslavl .

The building of 1911, a monument of architecture of federal value.

Fire Tower
Fire tower of fire station number 1 .

City guard
The policeman on duty.

House with arch
House with arch . Also known as "House for Lenin", "House on the Red", "Pants". Monument to Lenin in the people - " at hand ."

Manor Lopatins
In the foreground is the Lopatins estate house, followed by the residential house of the Lopatins estate.

Yaroslavl, st. Ushinsky, 6 and 4. Former street name - Streletskaya, and even earlier - Streletskaya Sloboda.

Manor House Lopatins

Entrance to the courtyard of the estate
The left part is still intact, and the right one has collapsed.

The building of the former restaurant Old Passage
The building of the former restaurant "Old Passage".

Address: Yaroslavl, st. Ushinsky, 2/1.

Pervomaysky Boulevard
Pervomaysky Boulevard (formerly Kazan), view from the Gorka Hall cultural and entertainment center. The center itself is ugly and superfluous, but the fact that they have a viewing room is absolutely correct and at least somehow justifies the existence of the building itself.

Cultural and entertainment center Gorka Hall
Cultural and entertainment center "Gorka Hall" on Pervomaysky Boulevard .

Benches and urns on Pervomaysky Boulevard
Benches and urns on Pervomaysky Boulevard is quite a cool one. And, of course, with a bear - the emblem of Yaroslavl .

Selfies :)

Regent School
Regent School at the Yaroslavl Theological Seminary .

Yaroslavl, Pervomayskaya street, 21a.

Petrazhitsky`s House
Petrazhitsky`s House, built in 1875 .

Address: Yaroslavl, st. Ushinsky, 38.

Volkovsky Theater
State Academic Drama Theater. F. G. Volkova . The first professional theater in Russia. Founded by Fyodor Volkov in 1750, whose name it bears. The current building of the theater is built in 1911 (the third building on this site).

Volkov Square
Volkov Square .

Immortal grandma
Immortal grandmother. On the left is the Znamenskaya (Vlasyevskaya) Tower, one of the two remaining towers of the fortifications of the Earthen City.

Znamenskaya (Vlasyevskaya) Tower
Znamenskaya (Vlasyevskaya) tower, one of the two surviving towers of the fortifications of the Earthen city.

Manor Saltykov
Manor Saltykov, now it is building number 4 YarSU (Faculty of Economics).

Yaroslavl Theater Institute
Yaroslavl State Theater Institute, Yaroslavl, Pervomayskaya st., 43 / 13-15.

Gostiny Dvor
North Building so-called New Gostiny Dvor, built in 1813 - 1818 years. according to the project of the Yaroslavl provincial architect P. Ya. Pankov.

Address: Yaroslavl, Pervomaiskaya Str., 5.

Rotunda Gostiny Dvor
Rotunda Gostiny Dvor, Yaroslavl, Pervomayskaya st., 12.

Epiphany Square
Epiphany Square, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise, the walls of the Transfiguration Monastery . On the right is the Temple of the Epiphany of the Lord .

Vakhrameevsky warehouses
The former Vakhrameevsky warehouses are named after the owner, the famous Yaroslavl merchant Ivan Alekseevich Vakhrameev, the bread merchant and philanthropist. Until the 90s of the 20th century, they were used as manufactured goods warehouses.

Vakhrameevsky warehouses

Arch with old brickwork
Arch with old brickwork.

 Old brick wall
The wall almost collapsed, and once was attractive.

Manor of Poletaev
The main house of the estate of the Yaroslavl merchant, bread baker Spiridon Poistayev (built in 1867 ).
Now - the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kirov district .

Address: Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya Street, 42.

Mansion of merchants Lopatin
Mansion of Yaroslavl merchants Lopatins (united with the house of the Dontsovs).

Now the House of Culture of Education .

Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya St., 44.

Vakhrameev Mansion
Former mansion Vakhrameev not far from its warehouses, now Yaroslavl Regional Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital.

Wooden house
Yaroslavl, street Sobinova, 52.

Fagot beauty overlaid brick ...

Manor Druzhenkova
Manor of Yaroslavl merchants Druzhenkov . Such mudak signs should be banned, and fagots - fined.

Yaroslavl, street Sobinova, 47.

Manor Shapulins-Sorokins
Manor Shapulins-Sorokins, built in the XVIII century, in the XIX rebuilt. The building was recently in a ruined state. Well done that restored!

Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya ul. 48 A.

Church of Praise at Mukomolny
The Church of the Praise of the Most Holy Theotokos of Dmitriyevsky Parish, in the people the Mother of God Church or the Church of the Praise at Mukomolny.

Address: Yaroslavl, 41, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya St.

House Sable
The former house of the Sobolev-Vakhrameevs (built at the beginning of the 19th century), Yaroslavl, 43 Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya St.

Oblique bridge
Oblique bridge over the river Kotorosl, Yaroslavl .

Embankment of the river Kotorosl
Please note that lanterns, benches and urns are not from the word at all. And the benches and urns are not on the top of the embankment.

Kotorosl River

Horse in apples
With this horse, I was very angry :) Small architectural form " Horse in apples ". A passing young lady, seeing that I was photographing, smiled. That would be more of this in the cities of Russia!

By installing the sculpture, the local authorities decided to remind the townspeople about the horse-drawn carriageway, which existed earlier nearby - on Kotoroslnaya Embankment.

But in the background - the Church of the Mother of God of Tikhvin (left) and the Church of St. Nicholas (right). Both XVII century buildings.

Church of Our Lady of Tikhvin and Church of St. Nicholas

Church of the Mother of God of Tikhvin and the Church of St. Nicholas

Yaroslavl Planetarium is the newest, built in 2011 and looks very cool!

Full name - Cultural and Educational Center. V.V. Tereshkova.

Address: Yaroslavl, st. Tchaikovsky, 3.

Ivanov House
Ivanov's House” is a monument of civil architecture of the 17th century.

Ivanov House

House of Ivanov


 The lower tier of the water tower
The lower tier of the water tower. The tower itself is not preserved.

Department of Theology of YAGPU
Department of Theology YAGPU.

Kotorosl River
How annoying that the sun was not ... The picture would be gorgeous. We'll have to come back!

Fedorovsky Cathedral
Fedorovsky Cathedral, Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Fedorovskaya St., 72.

Built in 1687 by the inhabitants of the Tolchkovskaya settlement, who were engaged in leather processing.

The building of the former Nikolaev shelter
The building of the former Nikolaev orphanage (opened on April 17, 1858, on the birthday of Emperor Alexander II, and so named in honor of Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich's heir). Now Polyclinic №1.

The building of the former Nikolaev orphanage
Yaroslavl, Moskovsky Prosp., 43/10.

Mikhailovskaya tower
Mikhailovskaya tower of the Transfiguration Monastery .

Cafe, restaurant and souvenir shops. A sort of terry splint for foreign tourists.

Yaroslavl, district of Nakhimson and Revolutionary streets.

Lubochny courtyard

Rotunda On the Spit
The rotunda “On the the Spit” is one of the four Yaroslavl rotund arbors on the embankments. View of the mouth of the river Kotorosl and the Volga.

"Spit" - a favorite place for walks of Yaroslavl and tourists.

Spit - the oldest part of Yaroslavl
"Spit" (Chopped City) - the oldest part of Yaroslavl.

Demidov Square
Demidov Square pleasant. Local nakolhozili moving / dynamic lighting (projectors on poles / trees, asterisks “run” on the pavement). I have not seen anything like this in Russia in public parks.

Former Platz-Front Square.

Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan
The Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan is depicted on a 1000-ruble bill. The year of construction is 1997 . One of the symbols of Yaroslavl.

Epiphany Square
Epiphany Square . Until 1992 - the area of ​​Podbelsky. Popular names - Epiphany, Tinker.

Fencing of the Yaroslavl Children's Park
The fence of the Yaroslavl Children's Park is for some reason sewn up with ugly platy.

Entrance to the children's park
The sign of the entrance to the park is a little porn.

Stalinka on the left - Children's polyclinic №1
Stalinka on the left - Children's Clinic №1.

Sberbank Office
There is an opinion that the ugliest building in the city is necessarily the office of Sberbank . But, there are exceptions .

 Old house with an interesting turret
An ancient house with an interesting turret.

 The coat of arms of Yaroslavl on the fence
Bears everywhere in Yaroslavl.

 The coat of arms of Yaroslavl on the manhole

A cool wooden bear on a souvenir shop
Cool wooden bear on a souvenir shop.

Kazan Cathedral
Kazan Cathedral of the Kazan Convent. Domes gilded very recently - were gray.

Regent School
Regent School at the Yaroslavl Theological Seminary.

 One of the most flawed options for bus stops
One of the most flawed options for bus stops.

Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor.

Deputy Street
Deputy Street.

 Old houses
Old houses, in the background some interesting promarch, but design elements are lost.

 Old houses

Building of the USSR State Bank
The building of the USSR State Bank (Branch Yaroslavl GU Bank of Russia, Komsomolskaya street, 7).

Arch with columns
Expensive, rich! True, a little pointless.

Khinkali House
Khinkali house :)

Bus stop
Before the Vandals, the stop was comfortable, although aesthetically slightly porn.

Landscape Design
I got the impression that it was not the housing office that was so ennobled, but the inhabitants of the house.

Yaroslavl Milling Plant No. 1 named after Y.L. Grach
Yaroslavl flour factory № 1 them. J.L. Rook.

Abandoned building of the Karusel hypermarket
Abandoned building hypermarket "Carousel". See, things have not gone.

Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo
Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo.

Broken asphalt
Broken asphalt of sidewalk.

 Old wooden houses
Old abandoned wooden houses.

 One of the first kindergartens of Yaroslavl
One of the first kindergartens of Yaroslavl, now Kindergarten No. 13 (Moskovsky Prospect, 20). One of the last houses of the neo-Russian type of Yaroslavl wooden modernity, which were built up the city streets

 Old merchant mansions along Moscow avenue
Old merchant mansions along Moskovsky Prospect.

Tired :)

House of the sacristan
House of the sacristan, Transfiguration Monastery.

 Target body
Target body

  Tourist map-scheme of the historical center of Yaroslavl
Tourist map-scheme of the historical center of Yaroslavl.

Holy Gates with the Church of Vvedena
Holy Gates with Vvedenskaya Church.


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