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I began collecting photo collections of monuments on aviation for a long time, from Voronezh.

Stormtrooper IL-2
Stormtrooper IL-2. Near the aircraft factory on the Left Bank at the entrance of the aircraft factory, Voronezh.


Near the airport "Voronezh" Tu-134 on a pedestal. Front view.

Tu-134 on a pedestal
Tu-134 on a pedestal
Tu-134 is a classic three-quarter front view.

Fighter I-16
Fighter I-16. Near the house was such antiques. Our first serial monoplane design Polikarpov. I was pleased that in early December the aircraft was repainted in winter camouflage, and on New Year's Eve it was decorated like this.
And the most interesting is that the fighter is restored with the money of a nearby blues club. St. Petersburg.

Exhibition of historic aircraft in the open. The most striking thing is that this MiG is on the move! On the opening day of the MAKS-2015 air show, this “grandfather” flew along with the “granddaughter” of the MiG-35. Behind the MiG is an American Teksan T-6, also the time of the Second World War.

Po-2 - the legendary night bomber of the Great Patriotic War.


The legendary DC-3, supplied by Lend-Lease, flew to MAKS from the USA. Machines repeated the path of planes that were transferred to the USSR. With the civil and transport aircraft during the Great Patriotic War in the USSR, everything was very sad, and these planes were very, very useful. We have produced them under a license under the label Li-2.

Tu-22 M3 "Yuri Deineko"
Strategic supersonic bomber Tu-22 M3 “Yuri Deineko” (named after the commander of the strategic missile Tu-160 that crashed in 2003).

Tu-160 "Alexander Novikov"
The Tu-160 supersonic strategic missile carrier "Alexander Novikov" (named after the Marshal of Aviation Alexander Alexandrovich Novikov). The Tu-160 pilots call the “White Swan”.

Art object "Balloon"
Art object "Balloon"
In 1731, the clerk of Kryakutnaya allegedly made the first balloon flight in history, to which the composition is dedicated.
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan.

Escape from Hell

Escape from Hell
Monument to the feat of Devyatayev, who hijacked a German He-111 bomber and with other prisoners escaped from a concentration camp on Usedom island.

Among the ten brave men was Vladimir Sokolov from Vologda. The monument was erected on May 6, 2010 in the October Square of Vologda.

Aviator is a stele on the embankment of the Volga, completing the Walk of Fame. Rybinsk.

Monument to Nesterov and Newpore IV
Monument to Nesterov and Newpore IV
The monument to Nesterov in the square on the street of the same name, opened in 1987. Sculptors - A.I. Rukavishnikov and I.M. Rukavishnikov. Architect Yu. N. Resurrection. Nizhny Novgorod.

Monument to Valery Chkalov
Monument to Valery Chkalov - one of the attractions of Nizhny Novgorod. The pilot's sculpture was installed at the St. George's Tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin on the second anniversary of the death of the ace, December 15, 1940, sculptor I. A. Mendelevich, architects I. G. Taranov, V. S. Andreev. On the pedestal under the inscription "Valery Chkalov, the great pilot of our time" was still "Stalin's falcon" - sawn out during the struggle with the personality cult of Stalin.

Layout of the aircraft La-7, on board the inscription "Homeland from Gorky."

A collection of photos of aircraft, monuments and sculptures on the subject of aviation will be updated. Basically pictures will be in the cities of Russia.


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