MAKS-2015 Air Show

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This year, having learnt that on MAKS-2015 historical planes DC-3 will arrive, I have resolved to visit an air show. Last years somehow it was not possible.

One hundred photo! By screws:

Diamond DA42 Twin Star
Two-engined plane Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The Pilot/technician diligently wipes a snow-white wing.


Exhibition of historical planes open-air. The most amazing that this plane can fly! In the opening day of air show MAKS-2015 this «grandfather» has flown by together with «grandson» MiG-35. Behind MiG there is American Texan T-6, too times Second World War.

Po-2 — the legendary night-bomber of the Great Patriotic War.

On MAKS from the USA have arrived legendary DC-3, delivered to us by Lend-lease. Planes have repeated a way in the USSR, flight from Florida to Moscow through Canada and Alaska. With civil and transport aircraft during the Great Patriotic War in the USSR all was very sad, and these planes were very much help us and very opportunely. This planes produced in Russia by licence and marks Li-2.

 T-6 Texan
T-6 Texan, American fighter-bomber Second World War.

MiG-29 (if I am not mistaken) on a static exposition.

MAKS visitors
MAKS visitors are photographed with DC-3

 Tail DC-3
Tail DC-3.

Flight group Baltic bees from Latvia
Flight group Baltic bees from Latvia.

Transport plane DC-3
This plane crossed La Manche twice a day in D-day in Normandy (1944).

Girl with MANPADS
Girl with MANPADS.

Visitors MAKS-2015
Visitors MAKS-2015, the people chaotically settled down across the field. Got thermoses, sandwiches. Someone, as I, has managed to carry by binge (though check was double, one — on a platform, the second directly ahead of an input in the field). I'm carry cognac:) And it has fine rescued me! The downpour has rinsed me through.


Radio-controlled model
all the day long in parallel the basic air show nearby to a static exposition sportsmen started radio-controlled models of planes and helicopters, entertaining visitors various tricks (I even could not present to myself that such models can get up in air).

Army drones
Army drones.



Warmed tent
Warmed tent.

Russian-Indian rocket «BrahMos»
Russian-Indian rocket PJ-10 «BrahMos».

Corporation stand «Helicopters of Russia»
Corporation stand «Helicopters of Russia» with models of helicopters.

And it is already big helicopters.


MAKS-2015, souvenir tents
On MAKS-2015 there was a set of souvenir tents.

Mi-171 (improved old Mi-8). In the foreground small-sized radar station 1L122. Such in a luggage carrier it is possible to throw :)

Coupled antiaircraft gun
Coupled antiaircraft gun.



Radar-tracking systems
Radar-tracking systems and rocket of air defence.

Souvenir tent
Souvenir tent. Almost all either on aviation subjects or army. And our presidents on a flag of Russia:)

Plywood decorated tank
Plywood decorated tank, a-la KV-2.

At some distance pavilions were suddenly found out reenactors in medieval European clothes.

In a chain armour
Interested persons could try on on themselves a chain armour and steel helmet.

 Tent of military archeologists
Tent of military archeologists.

Light automatic gun of Djagteryov
it was possible and to be photographed with historical guns.

Light automatic gun of Djagteryov

Boy with Mosin's rifle
Boy with legendary Mosin's rifle

Boys compete in start of gliders
Boys compete in start of gliders.

Boys compete in start of gliders

Nose of the passenger plane
Nose of the passenger plane with a simulator.

Armless boy in flight headset
the Armless boy in flight headset.

Copters / drones
Copters / drones.

Visitors MAKS-2015
Visitors were photographed against ALL :)


Family observes flight of helicopters, has begun an air show.

Spectators welcome Il-114.


Young lady with pink phone
Lady with pink phone.

Young spectators

Good idea — it's easier to look lying air show.



PAK FA (T-50)

PAK FA (T-50)
Perspective aviation complex of front aircraft (Т-50)

PAK FA accompanied by two «Su-35».



Flight group «Falcons of Russia»
Flight group «Falcons of Russia»

Part of sold technics has been painted in a deserted camouflage (for Arabs, Egyptians). I only have not understood why not all is translated.

Antiaircraft rocket module in a cut
Antiaircraft rocket module (antiaircraft missile system «Tor-M2E») in a cut.

Serbian grilled meat
Serbian grilled meat with a flag of Yugoslavia! Everyones mobile fast-food was many, but with huge prices.

Mugs, headsets, peak-caps
Mugs, headsets, peak-caps.

Porcelain eagle
Porcelain two-headed eagle!

 T-shirts with legendary military commanders
T-shirts with legendary military commanders, from Alexander Nevsky to Nakhimov, from Ushakov to Skobelev. Well and set of orthodox subjects too.

Young lady photographs flying Mi-26.

Amphibian Be-200.

Be-200, fire extinguishing
Be-200, conditional suppression of a conditional fire.

Pair of Jak-130
Pair of training planes Jak-130. At small completion these planes can be both scouts and fighters and attack planes.

Flown downpour has dispersed the most part of spectators and has interrupted an air show. On a background just in time landing SuperJet 100.

Spectators fled under tents and in pavilions.

Most cunning — under wings of planes and under military technics.

Autofat MAI
Uncle photographs «Autofat MAI», the rain to it does not disturb.

Van a-la American fast food of 70th
Van a-la American fast food of 70th.

Ka-32 (like it) extinguishes a conditional fire.

Pair Douglas DC-3
In the sky appears pair Douglas DC-3.


Pair of Su-35 and PAK FA
Pair of Su-35 and PAK FA (Т-50) have shown on what planes of 4++ and 5th generations are can!

Young spectator
Many have guessed with themselves to take field-glasses (or have bought here).

Girl with the field-glass

Part of screen was demaged by rain.

Aerocossack. A scarecrow :)

Rain has charged once again, but flights any more did not stop.

Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-3. Pilots of the Russian-American crew the form was American war times.

Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-3. On a background the fighter flies by.

Single-motor plane


Radio-controlled model and a kite
Radio-controlled model and a kite.

Single-motor plane
Single-motor plane.

Baltic Bees

Baltic Bees

Baltic Bees — flight group from Latvia.

Baltic Bees
Baltic bees and the toy radio-controlled helicopter.

Big and small
Aviagroup «Baltic bees» and radio-controlled model.

Baltic Bees
Baltic Bees.

Baltic Bees
Latvians have arranged very entertainment performance! Likely, the best on MAKS.

Baltic Bees

Baltic Bees
Baltic Bees and the radio-controlled helicopter.



KrAZ tows Chinese two-engined Y-12F
KrAZ tows Chinese two-engined Y-12F. Volunteers in yellow T-shirts disperse spectators and distribute programs.

Flight group «Russia»
Flight group «Russia» («Rus»).

 Tu-22 М3 «Yury Dejneko»

Tu-22 М3 «Yury Dejneko»
Strategic supersonic rocket carrier-bomber Tu-22 М3 «Yury Dejneko» (named in honour of the commander of the strategic rocket carrier which has broken in 2003 Tu-160).

Tu-160 «Alexander Novikov»
Supersonic strategic rocket carrier Tu-160 «Alexander Novikov» (named in honour of the marshal of aircraft Alexander Aleksandrovich Novikov). Pilots of Tu-160 name it's «White swan».

Photo in a cabin
Young ladies are photographed in a fighter cabin.


Backyards of the airfield
Backyards of the airfield, rusting someone's chassis.

Electric train
Electric train to Moscow. Organizers have very ingeniously thought up — to write on electric trains not «Ramenskoe» but for idiots like me «MAKS-2015».


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