Tu-160 «Alexander Novikov»

Tu-160 «Alexander Novikov» photo - MAKS-2015
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29.08.2015  14:49

Supersonic strategic rocket carrier of Tu-160 «Alexander Novikov» (named in honour of the marshal of aircraft Alexander Aleksandrovicha Novikova). Pilots of Tu-160 name the «White swan».

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Aircraft — an embodiment of centuries-old dream of mankind about flight. Impudent experiment of brothers Right, let in all few minutes, has given chance to people not simply to come off from the earth. Descendants of that biplane can develop amazing speed, maneuver, carry out pilotage figures. The aircraft solves the big spectrum of versatile problems practically ... →


MAKS — the International Moscow avia-space salon, the main air show of Russia. Time in two years is spent in airdrome Ramensky in Zhukovsky, under Moscow.



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