AVAExpo: festival of popular culture

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In Lenexpo has passed two-day 8th festival of popular culture AVAExpo 2014. The quantity of any freaks, geeks and cosplayers are too many!

AVAExpo 2014: festival of popular culture

Sellers of sugar cotton wool
Sellers of sugar cotton wool too were in surroundings.

Autoboat of Optimus of the Prime
Mirage Сinema also have exposed an autobot Optimus Prime.

Photo with a fox
Girls have asked to be photographed with a plush fox.

Lego too have exposed the stand devoted to popular computer games and cult films. Stand Lego: World of Tanks
Stand Lego: World of Tanks (in the foreground).

Stand Lego: Star Wars
Stand Lego: Star Wars.

Serial LEXX
Serial LEXX. The hero is fine similar, only age is younger.

Star wars: Darth Vader and the imperial infantryman
Star wars: Darth Vader and the imperial infantryman.

Looking animated cartoons
The people looking animated cartoons.

Jenga in an adult way
Jenga in an adult way!

Reporters interview Hatter
Reporters interview Hatter (Alice in the Wonderland). This character also spoke the same as the hero of a film, with very similar intonations.

y radio-controlled robot
The girl plays the radio-controlled robot.

Pixel world
The pixel world, 8-bit.

The girl-fox.

Sklis, secrets of the third planet
And it is Sklis — it nobody's. «Secrets of the third planet».

Box kingdom
Box kingdom.

Stand of the steam-punk
The stand of the steam-punk. The most my favourite cosplay.

Big-eyed maiden
The big-eyed maiden.

Participants AVAExpo 2014, cosplay

Participants AVAExpo 2014
Visitors of festival with pleasure were photographed with each of participants AVAExpo.

Participant AVAExpo 2014
Perhaps, the best photo from festival.

«God more abruptly the Superman». LMAO! Naive.

At last, some other cheerful characters:
Visitor with a head of a horse

Unicorn. All good!

Best regards to Alexey Tolkachyov, for the ticket!


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