Vladivostok resident

Vladivostok resident photo - Vladivostok
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29.07.2019  09:51

Vladivostok resident
In Vladivostok, I had funny times dialogs:
— Where are you from?
— From St. Petersburg.
— Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky?

It turns out that in the Far East in the jargon they call it that.

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photo near Vladivostok
  • View of the Golden Bridge
  • Mass grave of passengers and crew of an IL-12 airplane shot down by Americans
  • Vladivostok resident
  • Monument to the Hydrographic Service
  • Former apartment building Gorvat-Bozhechko

Vladivostok is the capital of Primorye, one of the largest cities in the Russian Far East.



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