Trams of Smolensk

Trams of Smolensk photo - Smolensk
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03.09.2016  13:05

Trams in Smolensk are two types: old (the majority)

New Smolensk trams
and newcomers attractive trams. It was necessary to sweep, of course, in both.

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photo near Smolensk
  • Station of Smolensk
  • Trams of Smolensk
  • Dnepr
  • Stadium «Spartak»
  • Kopytensky gate

Smolensk — one of the oldest Russian cities about which fortress broke teeths not one horde of aggressors. Both Poles, and Frenchmen, and Germans. Despite it, in Smolensk historical buildings, which, fortunately, in an excellent condition (the historical centre, for example) have remained many.

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