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Smolensk has made upon me rather pleasant impression. I thought that after World War II and two storms of a city here do not remain from the historical centre of anything. And in actual fact — many pre-war and pre-revolutionary buildings, restored churches, and restored Smolensk Kremlin.

Walk has begun from railway station:

Smolensk station
Smolensk station.

Smolensk station

At the left on ways a high-speed electric train MoscowSmolensk «Swallow».

Trams in Smolensk
Trams in Smolensk two types: old (majority)

Smolensk new trams
and new trams.

Dnepr river.
Smolensk, view to Dnepr and the Old city.

Stadium «Spartak»
Attractive pre-war stadium «Spartak».

Smolensk citizens
Central square in Smolensk.

Future tankman

Building of regional administration
Building of regional administration on a central square Smolensk and (suddenly) monument to Lenin on Lenin's Square (in general it is unexpected). Pay attention that the monument is established not symmetrically concerning a facade (something has gone not so).

Garden Blone
Blone's park.
Besides, that Smolensk is very green city so also it is a lot of parks with fountains, benches and very attractive lanterns.

Monument to the Deer

Monument to Deer (Deer on the Deer). Blone's park. Monument old, 1910 year though at first sight looks modern.

Small amusing monument, opposite to the Deer; a similar lion (Blone's park). Like lions are in Petrozavodsk and in Gatchina.

Monument to Glinka in Blone's park
Monument to Glinka in Blone's park.

Lion in Blone's park
Lion in Blone's park.

Passers-by torment a lion in Blone's park
Passers-by torment a lion in Blone's park.

Monument to the firemen
Monument to the firemen.

House of Experts
Pre-war building «House of Experts», by miracle remained (Gagarin's prospectus).

Monument to Gagarin
Yury Gagarin — born in Smolensk region, paternal and the monument is available (according to investigation not one). Gagarin's Square at the prospectus with the same name.

Monument to Soldiers of the Law and order
Monument to Soldiers of the Law and order.
Monument to cadets of the militia which have accepted battle at walls of school with avant-guard of Germans. A memorial near to branch of police №1 of Smolensk region (Gagarin's prospectus).

Bench and urn

Near monument smart urns and benches.

Monument of Mikeshin
Monument to Michael Osipovich Mikeshin.

Monument to defenders of Smolensk
Monument to defenders of Smolensk on the Victory Square before a cinema «October». Round the stylised bayonet there are warriors of different epoch — medieval warrior, the infantryman of war 1812 year and the Red Army man of the Great Patriotic War.

Monument to defenders of Smolensk and cinema «October»

Park of pioneers
Park of pioneers and a sculpture «Singed flower» — to children victim in war. An uncharacteristic monument for a country town (too innovative and abrupt).

Be ready!
Monument to pioneers, young participants of war, «Be ready!»

Museum of pioneers in Smolensk
Nearby, in a fortress tower, a museum of pioneers, but like as tightly closed.

Street of Smolensk, in the distance — domes of the Uspensky cathedral on the Temple mountain
Street of Smolensk, in the distance — domes of the Uspensky cathedral on the Temple mountain.

Ancient merchant private residence in Neorussian style
Ancient merchant private residence in Neorussian style, street Tenishevoj, 7.

 Underground pedestrian crossing
Futuristic underground pedestrian crossing.

House of Experts
House of Experts on Gagarin's prospectus, 1934-36 year.

Monument to Krylenko
Monument to revolutionary Krylenko and college of telecommunications.

Surprising building in style of constructivism (street Communistic, 21).

Cultural centre «Provincial»
Cultural centre «Provincial». Like to sheathe in a province plastic. On the right the group local in sports trousers, at the left scratches girl on hairpins in leopard trousers (!). Yeah!

Sooner or later, and in Smolensk is completed a synagogue.

 Old house
Old house, I think the post-war.

View on city
View on city

Smart bus stop of times of the USSR
Smart bus stop of times of the USSR.

Bus stop of times of the USSR

Problem of Smolensk — the broken steps of ladders. The city hilly and ladders is a lot of.

Big Soviet street
Big Soviet street. Here such steep slopes in a city.

 Old house
Old house.

Surprising arch decision
Surprising arch decision, anywhere such did not see.

Appreciate electricity:))) Lenin's Street.

Kopytensky gate
Kopytensky gate of a Smolensk fortification (Lopatinsky garden).
Smolensk Kremlin — a separate note.

Catholic church
By miracle the remained Catholic Church.
Smolensk, churches and temples — a separate note.

Lantern orchestra
Tremendous idea — an orchestra of street lanterns! Simply and very attractively.
Lopatinsky garden — a separate note.

Night Dnepr
Night Dnepr

All! The city very much was pleasant, the historical centre — low merchant, the city pure and urns is a lot of (which have separately surprised with a variety and a creative). In the centre tourist indexes that is not present in the majority of cities of Russia (even in Petersburg no) often come across. Smolensk very green and well-groomed city as a criterion of attention of the city authorities — the set of flower beds, is a lot of squares and parks. Too many interesting sights in Smolensk!


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