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In end of notes about Smolensk, a private sector and one-two-storeyed small houses.

Nice Smolensk — dovecot with a wattle fence somewhere in court yard.

Smithy in Smolensk

Smithy in Smolensk
Oldest secular building of Smolensk, the house it was constructed on a boundary XVII — XVIII centuries. When Smolensk use by Polish as city archive («Polish archive»).

In 1785 year «Polish archive» became use as smithy of the Engineering house. Subsequently the engineering house has been destroyed, and the smithy has remained.

Small houses on Dzerzhinsky street
Small houses on Dzerzhinsky street.

Small house on Dzerzhinsky street
Former church? As though a threefold apse behind.

Cinema «Change»
Cinema «Change».

 One-storeyed old small house
One-storeyed old small house.

 Two-storeyed wooden barrack
Two-storeyed wooden barrack. And it in steam of quarters from the centre!

Cobblestone road
Cobblestone road, by miracle the remained.

Cobblestone road
Here and there it have tried to asphalt, but asphalt of tears, and cobble-stones remained.

Cobblestone road
Cobblestone road vs asphalt — 1:0.

Small street in a private sector
Small street in a private sector. Asphalt parts, here and there looks through a cobble-stone.

On many streets of the historical centre names of streets doubled, the historical name is specified. However, new indexes are made of a shit and almost everywhere unreadable.

Boondocks. Naturally — as in village.

 Old index on the house
Old, years of 50 XX-th centuries, the index on the house.

Private sector
Private sector.

Private sector, a children's playground
Private sector, a children's playground.

Water column
Water column! Here I have joyfully washed and have started wandering further.

Water column
And one more.

Small street in a private sector
Small street in a private sector.

Man washes Range Rover
Man washes Range Rover! LMAO!

Roads to Smolensk good, but parts to court yard in holes. It is visible where new asphalt and where many years were not under repair.


Pre-war house
Pre-war house (can even pre-revolutionary). Well and a signboard absolutely shit.

 Old house
Old house.

 Old house
Old house, nowadays Clinical hospital of the first help (Tenishevoj street, 9).

 Outdoor wing
Outdoor wing, too an elderly building (beginning of XX-th century).

Smolensk — lovely merchant small town with historical buildings, despite destructive World War II.


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