Smolensk. Part 2

33 photo with description
Few photo of small streets in Smolensk.

Fence lattice
Lattice of a fence with unknown design delicacy. It was possible easier and more attractively.

Bridge lattice through Dnepr
Bridge lattice through Dnepr with not deciphered index.

Florid lattice
Florid lattice.

Post-war lattice
Post-war lattice and that in times more abruptly new affairs.

Broken stairs
Broken stairs — often in Smolensk.

Fences. Behind a pig-iron fence — wooden.

Bus stop
Bus stop is ideal: without walls if wind, metal if frost and with transparent roof if sun.

Cafe «Ark»
Cafe «Ark» with an amusing figure of Noah and ridiculous sheep.

 Old Smolensk
Old Smolensk, street Big Soviet. A surprising mix of eclecticism with a provincial coarse stucco moulding. But at present looks pleasantly, especially with colouring.

 Old chirch
Old chirch (kirche), nowadays chess club.

 Old chirch

 Old terminal
Bank terminal, almost the last century.

Surprising modernist style with a surprising arch. Lenin's street is for pedestrians, and in Smolensk many foot streets in the centre.

Smolensk modernist style
On my surprise houses in modernist style came across.

Duplicated indexes
On the duplicated indexes, in addition — old name of street.

Lantern with any mysterious and superfluous design.

 Urn in the form of cannon
Urn in the form of cannon — popular Smolensk theme. In general urns in Smolensk attractive and various, a rarity for the Russian cities.

 Urn with a shod pattern
Urn with a shod pattern

Six-sided urn and a flower bed
Six-sided urn and a flower bed. Simply and with taste!

 Traffic lights
Traffic lights cool — figures of return readout in sections — the most correct decision.

Monument to Vasily Tyorkin
Monument to Vasily Tyorkin, and wedding.

 Tourist indexes
In the centre Smolensk many tourist indexes. Good fellows! It is a categorical rarity not only for the Russian cities. A bough, even in Petersburg few tourist indexes. Administration of Smolensk — well done!

Button of an emergency call of militia
Button of an emergency call of militia — an artefact of Soviet period. Did not check work it or not :)

Smile, misters, smile!
Has smiled and has gone further :)


Nice, that conditioners hidden.

Pre-revolutionary building of a cinema
Pre-revolutionary building of a cinema, on spirit of the times — with figures of pilots on a facade.

Cinema «Juno»
Cinema «Juno».

Flower bed
Flower bed with an unknown geometrical delicacy.

Flower bed
Flower beds in Smolensk everywhere. Cool!

Simple pleasant small house with an interesting lay-out
Simple pleasant small house with an interesting lay-out.

Mercedes in bushes
Mercedes in bushes.

Book house
Architect sophistication.

Final part of photo from Smolensk.


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