Cross on the Naval Cathedral

Cross on the Naval Cathedral photo - Kronstadt
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13.06.2009  16:33

Gold cross over a dome Naval Cathedral.

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photo near Kronstadt
  • Monument to the battleship October Revolution
  • Monument to admiral Makarov and the Naval Cathedral
  • Cross on the Naval Cathedral
  • Anchors
  • Summer garden Lattice

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crosses  graphically simple element, is since ancient times used by people. It and a religious symbol, in each religion bearing sense, and an element of decor of architecture, and mathematical a sign. The cross has for ever entered into art, writing, symbolics (whether it be religion, a policy or military craft).


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Kronstadt Naval Cathedral  Nikolsky Naval Cathedral — the main dominant (height of 70 metres) Kronstadt, is constructed in 1913 to year by architect Vasily Antonovichem Kosjakovym (was under construction 10 years with 1903 on 1913 ... →



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