Kronstadt Naval Nikolsky Cathedral

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On the Anchor Square of Kronstadt there is the main temple of the Russian Navy - the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Stavropegic Nikolsky Naval Cathedral of the city of Kronstadt). Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of sailors, so this is the name. Monument to Admiral Makarov and the Naval Cathedral, Anchor Square.

Monument to Admiral Makarov and the Naval Cathedral photo - Kronstadt

The Cathedral was founded in the Highest Presence on May 8 ( 21 ), 1903 . On June 10 ( 23), 1913, the consecration of the church, erected in honor of the bicentennial of the Russian fleet and the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty, took place . In the fashion of that time, the temple was erected in the neo-Byzantine style designed by architect V.A.Kosyakov.

Interior of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, photo of 1914
The interior of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, photo 1914 the year

Cross on the Naval Cathedral photo - Kronstadt

Gilded cross over the dome.

Photos at the Naval Cathedral - Kronstadt
In the Naval Cathedral.

Parishioners photo - Kronstadt

Mosaic under the dome
Mosaic under the dome.

Plates with a list of dead sailors
The cathedral was originally conceived as a pantheon for all those who died on the seas. There are plaques on the walls with lists of names.

Plates with a list of dead sailors
On October 14, 1929, the temple was closed by the decision of the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee, approved by the Central Committee of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. In 1932, a cinema named after Maxim Gorky was opened in the building of the former Naval Cathedral (the people called the cinema "Maksimka").

The mosaic face of Christ above the entrance
In 2002, it was decided to return the temple to the Russian Orthodox Church; a cross was installed over the dome. This was followed by a lengthy restoration, which was completed in 2013.


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