Monuments and sculptures of Birobidzhan

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Menorah Fountain
Menorah Fountain, Station Square.

The sculpture "Migrants"

The sculpture "Migrants" on the forecourt of Birobidzhan. It was established in 2004 in memory of the first settlers who founded the Tikhonkaya station in 1912 (the name is from the surname of a resident and connoisseur of these places).

Monument to Sholem Aleichem
Monument to Sholom Aleichem, a Jewish writer (installed in September 2004 ), Birobidzhan, Birobidzhan "Arbat" (pedestrian part of Sholom Aleichem Street).

Sculptural composition "Pigeons"
The sculptural composition “Pigeons” is eight meters high, weighing two hundred tons. It depicts a cedar, a globe and two birds, as a symbol of Russian-Chinese friendship.

It was installed on Yichun Square in 2017 (as part of twinning relations between Birobidzhan and the Chinese city of Yichun).

In the background is the Birobidzhan Regional Philharmonic.

Treble clef
Treble clef, Birobidzhan, next to the Birobidzhan Regional Philharmonic.

Treble clef
Funny drawings on a pedestal from all four sides.

Sculpture "Two faces"
The sculpture "Two faces. " The people are called "Drowned".

Sculptural composition
Sculptural composition on the waterfront.

Embankment of the Bira River
The embankment of the Bira River is perfectly landscaped.

Sculpture "Gentleman"
Sculpture "Gentleman" (Eugene Onegin). Nearby, the sculpture of the artist, for some reason I did not reach, did not know about it. And he slipped past the funny sculpture “Violinist on the Roof”.

Sculpture "Storks"

The sculpture "Storks".



Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument to V.I. Lenin, Birobidzhan. Opened October 7, 1978. Sculptor L. E. Kerbel, architect L. V. Misozhnikov.

Stela "EAO"
Stela "EAO".

Memorial complex to border guards-defenders of the Amur borders
The memorial complex to the border guards-defenders of the Amur borders is a sculptural group of a border guard with a dog.

IS-2 heavy tank and field gun
IS-2 heavy tank and field gun (85-mm divisional gun D-44).

152 mm Kane gun
152 mm Kane gun.

The letters "I love Birobidzhan"
The letters “I love Birobidzhan” are set by a nearby flower shop.

Friendship Monument of Russia and China
Friendship Monument of Russia and China, Birobidzhan, Friendship Square.

The square was opened on September 14, 2002 as a sign of friendship between Birobidzhan and the city of Khegan, Heilongjiang Province, People’s Republic of China.

Decorative sculpture "Rabbi with a shofar"
Decorative sculpture "Rabbi with a Shofar" near the Birobidzhan synagogue. Established in 2008. One of the coolest sculptures of the city!

Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments given by Gd, near the Birobidzhan Synagogue.

Sculpture "Bayan player"
Sculpture "Bayanist", Birobidzhan, Victory Square. Another funny sculpture, I love these.

Chinese lions
Chinese lions Shih Tzu.

Memorial plaque in honor of the Volochaev battle
The memorial tablet in honor of the Volochaev battle, which laid the foundation for the liberation of the Far East during the Civil War.

Birobidzhan, although small, is an interesting town. Especially, of course, the most magnificent quay of Bira.


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