Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 2

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Sevastopol, continuation. The beginning: Crimea, Sevastopol. A part 1.

Walking ship — Sevastopol
Walking ship or, transporting passengers on North side. Ridiculous such boat, certainly. There are also ferries more solidly, but basically in the Sevastopol bay such little crafts are carrier.

Seaside parkway — Sevastopol

This fine arch by miracle has escaped in Second World War, as well as Monument to the flooded ships.

Monument to the flooded ships — Sevastopol
Monument to the Lost (flooded) ships — the most known obelisk of Sevastopol, a city symbol.

Monument to the Lost ships
During the Crimean war, for hindrance enter in a bay of Sevastopol the English-French squadron, it was accepted to flood some ships on an entrance in harbour.

The monument too any miracle has escaped during time of the Second World War.

Monument to Nakhimov — Sevastopol
Monument to admiral Nakhimov on the area with the same name. The original is destroy by Bolsheviks in 1928. It is a copy.

Earl's Pier — Sevastopol
Earl's Pier.

Steps to A. I. Kazarsky's monument, photo — Sevastopol
Steps to A. I. Kazarsky's monument — the first monument in Sevastopol.

Cross on entrance in Sevastopol
Cross on entrance in Sevastopol. Lately crosses began to appear in large quantities on entrances to cities.

Fantastic beauty flowerbed.

Fountain, flowerbeds, lanterns
Fountain, flowerbeds, lanterns. All cool. But in Crimea, because of ukrainians, huge problems with water and fountains almost everywhere are disconnected.

In Sevastopol the tremendous snow-white urns.

Posters and photos of defence of Sevastopol
Posters and photos of two defences Sevastopol.

Posters and photos of two defences of Sevastopol

Unusual street lantern.


Sevastopol bay
the Sevastopol bay.

Monument to defenders of Sevastopol
Monument to heroes of the Black Sea squadron. Above on a medallion the leader of the Black Sea fleet, a battle ship "Sevastopol" is represented.

Photo against the Russian flag
Photo against the Russian flag, with given out peakless caps.

Northern part of a city
Northern part of a city.

 Urn and a lantern
One more variant of an urn and the lantern basis.

Rounded house
Rounded house, appointment unknown to me.

City honour roll
City honour roll.

Advertising: to you it is lonely?
We will allow to you to get drunk.

Young ladies in the Tatar dresses
Somewhere went young ladies in the Crimea-Tatar dresses.


Fence lattice

Houses, an arch

Columns at entrance in park

Green Mile
Cafe «Green Mile». We are laughed of the name.

We «Get poisoned by fumes»
Our critics get poisoned by fumes from the cafe name.

Fort wall
And nearby a wall very similar to the rests of any fortification.

Fort wall
Fort wall (likely) and a hen house from above.

Gas pipes
Gas pipes on the outside wall, I met such Gas pipes in Pskov.

Anchors at entrance to Sevastopol sea library.

Street index
Street indexes in the centre very nice.

Car not parking
Intuitively-clear prevention on collars.

Sevastopol art museum
Sevastopol art museum. A signboard to the left of a door — in an Ukrainian. Yet have not cleaned. Crimea Russian, and Sevastopol — for a long time.
Monument to participants of armed revolt in November, 1905
Monument to participants of armed revolt in November, 1905.

Kitsch unfinished building

To be continued


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