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After Kerch ferry, all of us have amicably gone nuts from the broken roads, total absence of a marking and rare traffic signs. The first thought was: arrived, because the road from Kerch to Feodosia is not present, one name. Probably, have now completed a line on coast, and we had to go on broken road towards Simferopol, and then to leave towards coast and Feodosia. The further wanderings on peninsula have shown that FeodosiaYaltaSevastopol and Sevastopol – Simferopol very good roads. Which where even the marking is and there are the newest Russian signs (Ukrainians wasn't repaired roads, and signs were put only in big cities). Road in Sudak
Road in Sudak with the removed asphalt.

 Ukrainian autonumber with the stuck flag
Cars in Crimea it is universal on numbers stick an Ukrainian flag by Russian tricolor. It in Sevastopol.

 Ukrainian autonumber with the stuck flag
Still Sevastopol.

 Ukrainian autonumber with the stuck flag

 Ukrainian autonumber with the stuck flag
Uchkuevka near Sevastopol.

Car with a flag of Novorossii
At it number is not stuck, but under glass a flag of Novorossia.

Car with the Russian arms
At it is the Russian arms and a flag. Numbers recently received, 92nd region is given to Sevastopol.

Clinic patriot
Here it, of course, full clinic: George's tapes, posters times of Patriotic war, flags Novorossia and Russia, a skull in a German (!) helmet.

21st Volga
Rare 21st Volga, Sevastopol.

Bus, SimCityTrans
Bus, SimCityTrans :). Sevastopol, Chersonesus.

Windshield closed by a carpet
Windshield closed by a carpet (!). Sevastopol.

Nissan with Petersburg numbers
Near to last place of stay has suddenly stumbled Nissan with Petersburg numbers.

Autocamping in Uchkuevka

Motorcyclists of the Ministry of Emergency Measures
Have much surprised patrolling motorcyclists of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, at us I such did not see.

Bus stop
In Crimea astounding bus stops! For the speed it was impossible to photograph, or even had not time to react. The most surprising — stops all different!

Bus stop

Gas station

Gas station

Gas station TatNafta

Fuel station
Gas station

Gas station SouthNeft
Gas station SouthNeft of a brand unknown to a science.

Gasoline station

Thrown gas station, photo — Sevastopol
In Crimea many thrown gas stations. In 2014 the Russian fuel companies have left from peninsula not to get under sanctions.

Thrown gas station
On this place stood a column, and the tree has now grown and about a root the pipe sticks out.

GOST gas station
GOST gas stations quite often came across, but all of them any poor, we did not begin to risk and check quality of fuel.

Gas station TES
In Crimea is one of the most qualitative fuel networks. It is a lot of refuellings, censures to fuel were not. Near to this refuelling an amusing artefact — stela of former refuelling of times still the USSR.

Gas station ATAN
Gas station ATAN. One more extended in Crimea a local fuel brand. Refuellings in appearance like quite good, I think it is possible trust, just as ТЭС.

Traffic lights
In to Crimea very abrupt traffic lights. Here it is the most competent variant when return readout is displayed directly in section, instead of in the additional.

Road Feodosia-Kerch
Road Feodosia – Kerch. It not bad part, in comparison with an entrance to Kerch. However, the marking here is not present (on all this line, and on the majority of the others).

The prices for the gas station are visible on photos, somewhere on 4-5 roubles is more expensive, than on Continent. And also: prices in Crimea.


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