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Since I rode trains, then my acquaintance with Tver began at the station.

Train Station of Tver
Train Station of Tver (left), on the right - Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, built in 2010 on the site of the demolished at 1983 year of the temple.

Building of the train station, Tver

Illiterate :) Well, the letters are not enough.

Tram tracks
Tram tracks along Tchaikovsky Avenue, Tver.

Chapel of St. John of Kronstadt
Chapel of St. John of Kronstadt, 1913 of the year of construction. Tchaikovsky Avenue, Tver.

Chapel of John of Kronstadt
It was erected in honor of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanovs.

Tver tram
Tver tram. As in many cities, Russia is an old Tatra T3. True, in excellent condition.

Floodplain floodplain
Floodplain of the Tmaka River, in the center - Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (popularly “House of the Most Holy Theotokos”), 1774 of the year of construction.

Embankment of the river Tmaki
Embankment of the Tmaki river with awesome benches! Here they can, if they want. Well, the local Aborigines have deployed the bench as it should be, and not as intended by the authorities :)

House on chicken legs
House "on chicken legs", in combination - the main office of the Tver branch of" MTS "(Svobodny trans., 2 corpus 1, Tver).

Road bridge across the Thrack
I became very angry with such a spontaneous trade on the bridge.

Tver Square

Tver unique in that Tverskaya Square is also a street!
In the foreground is the brick house of the "Tetyayevs-Rubtsovykh" of the 18th century.

Tver Circus
Tver State Circus, building 1971 built (Tver, Tverskaya Square, 2a).

Tver State United Museum
Tver State United Museum (Former real school, building of the end of the XVIII century).

Chapel of all Tver saints
The Chapel of All Tver Saints, a fundraiser for the reconstruction of the Transfiguration Cathedral, demolished in 1935 year .

Residential development - the historic district Tver Sinmache.

The imperial traveling palace
The imperial traveling palace is an architectural monument built in 1764 - 1766 years on the project of M.F. Kazakova, at the beginning of the 19th century, Carl Rossi was rebuilt.

Now the palace is located Tver Regional Art Gallery.

Starovolzhsky bridge
The handsome Starovolzhsky bridge, opened June 28 1900 of the year, but consecrated only on September 8. The authorities of the city so long decided how much to take for travel on it.

One of the characters Tver.

Church of the Resurrection of Christ
Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Three Confessors), that behind the Volga. Tver, address: nab. Afanasy Nikitin, 38. There is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin installed in front of the church, you can see it if you look closely.

Church 1731 of the year, in 1815, Carl Rossi.

Mikhail Yaroslavich Embankment
Mikhail Yaroslavich Embankment was reconstructed quite recently - in 2015 year, unnecessary trees were cut down, lanterns were installed, asphalt was suspended.

Water gauging station of the USSR Hydrometeorological Service
Water gauging station of the USSR Hydrometeorological Service on the Volga Embankment.

These young people have ridiculed me to the bottom: if I can shoot porn and were very sad because of the refusal, and even having learned that my video camera cannot :)

House of Voroshilov Shooters
House of Voroshilov Shooters, or House of Red Commanders, address: Tver, Stepan Razin Embankment, 2. The building was built 1935, designed by architect V. Anfyorov.

House of the Shlyginykh
A brick building with a white-stone plinth from the second half of the 19th century - Shlygin House. Until the middle of the XX century, the second floor was with balconies. Tver, Novotorzhskaya St., 4.

River Volga, view from Starovolzhsky Bridge.

Tver tram
Tver tram on Novovolzhsky bridge. According to Tver, such antiques run, but the condition seems to be excellent.

Volga, on the left the embankment of Mikhail Yaroslavich
Volga, on the left Mikhail Yaroslavich’s embankment, in the distance is a handsome Starovolzhsky bridge.


When I was in Terns was held by the Tver Marathon. The event, as I understand it, is annual.

And the old and the young pulled up to the sports festival!

Elderly Marathon

City Garden
City Garden Tver, the main flower bed. The garden in this form has been landscaped even under the Union, which is why lanterns are literate and attractive. Modern lanterns kill me so that they are small, rare and dull.

Landscape design
Landscape design of the City Garden Terry. On the left is a gazebo, on the right is an open bench.

Acrobat on stilts
The citizens of Tver have thoroughly prepared themselves for the holiday of sport, and, well, there was a lot of walking around the whole center (the authorities blocked the central streets).


Fight in balloons
Funny, by the way, entertaining! And played, not much, not enough - iPhone!

Fighting in inflatable balls

Fight in inflatable balls
Winner - girl!

Balconies of pleasant Stalin. Some flowers were planted, others were sewn up tightly. Collective farm.

 Ugly benches
Some of the ugliest and most stupid benches in Russia.

The pavements in Tver are not bad. There were broken sections, but rarely.


An attractive fence.

Square Kazakov
In the square Kazazova someone well rest :)

Shibko was enraged with the builders cunning. Pillars half! Half of the budget can be easily mastered :)

Zavolzhsky Park
Zavolzhsky Park is perfectly landscaped. Beautiful urns, fountain.

EyeGo! Addicts!

In some places, the pavements are broken, but rarely.

Former bus station
Former bus station (left) - Stalinka 1958, Tarasov Square.

In pita
In pita! Excellent addition to the collection.

Shokolatier !!!

Kubikof :)

Clock in a cafe
In one cafe, I accidentally met beautiful watches and elegant bottle racks.

Well, like all the main nishtyaki Tver I found. For some reason he did not reach the monument to Lenin. This is a failure, Lenin’s monuments I have in all cities, and in Tver I have to dig in the old photo there must be a snapshot.


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