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Rybinsk railway station
Rybinsk railway station was recently renovated in 2014 . The station building was erected in 1904 - 1905 years.

House of Artists

The House of Artists is a wooden building at the corner of Pushkin Street (formerly Pushkinskaya) and Plekhanov Street (formerly Babarykinskaya), erected by the owner S. G. Gordeev in 1900 .

The photo of this house is included in all sets of postcards with views of Rybinsk .

House of Artists

House of Artists

Former catholic church
Former catholic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built for the parishioners of the Polish community in 1910 . Now a student club.


The building is disfigured beyond recognition ... And once upon a time it was very attractive.

About roads

Railway and car roads
Rybinsk, Pereborsky tract.



Fisherman on the Volga. About the fence
Still, the Soviet fences are very cool! Steeper only pre-revolutionary.

Gateway on Volga.

Museum Soviet era
Museum "Soviet era" at the devil on the horns. Land from the center of Rybinsk to go more than an hour, and buses go very rarely.

Rybinsk, st. Goncharova, 3 (House of Culture of the village hydroelectric station).

Mother Volga
Monument "Mother Volga" on the spit of the Rybinsk reservoir.
Opened in the summer of 1953 . Sculptors - S. D. Shaposhnikov and V. Malashkina, architect - N. Donskikh.

One of the symbols of Rybinsk . You can see the monument near only from the water.

Rybinsk cat
Rybinsk cat. He continued to collect a collection of cats in Russia :)

Severe Rybinsky cat
Severe Rybinsky cat :) Oh, sorry the trick slipped into the distance ... The photo would be better.

Golden autumn
Golden autumn

Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University
Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P. A. Solovyov.

Walk of Fame
Alley of Glory (from Derunov Square to Eternal Fire and Volga).

Volga Embankment
Quay landscaped, but there are almost no benches.

Go and ducks from around the area gathered for a planned feeding. I was on a weekend, and the embankment is the main walking place of Rybintsy and many grab duck rolls with them. As in St. Petersburg, gulls are fed on embankments.

Bank of the Volga River

Arbor in Petrovsky Park, Rybinsk landmark.

Rybinsk embankment

Lantern on the Volga Embankment

Bench with Wi-Fi
Bench with Wi-Fi and USB ports for charging tubes. Super! Sit, of course, inconvenient, but the idea of ​​a local Internet service provider is excellent.

Petrovsky Park
View of Petrovsky Park.

 Old houses on Ushakov Boulevard
Old houses on Ushakov Boulevard.

 Old House
The old house of the 1770s with antique signs. I thought that what movie could be shot, but not - signs have been hanging for several years now. Fucking awesome! In Petersburg, decorating Kuznechny Lane only for Dostoevsky Day .

 Old House
But not all the old in Rybinsk in a restored excellent condition. It happens and this, but this is an isolated case.

Here eclecticism is also a little bit worse ...

 Old House
Looks like a badly mutilated house. Surely it was more beautiful, the only question is when the design elements have become blurred.

 Old houses on the boulevard street
Old houses on the boulevard street. The yellow house was recently in ruins.


Cheryomukha River
River Cheryomukha . A young lady passing by told me that from the other side there was a great view of the center of Rybinsk. But I already left and I was too lazy to go. Thanks to my cell, I regularly find that people tell me where some interesting things are nearby.

Nikolskaya chapel
Nikolskaya chapel was built in 1867 with private funds. In 1927 he was given for economic needs, a dome was demolished a bit later and the second floor was built on. Until 2010, the building housed the water police. Restored in its original appearance in 2011 .

The building of the former grain exchange
The building of the former grain exchange is an architectural monument of federal significance, the building was built in the 19th century. During Soviet times, the Rybinsk River Station.

Rybinsk Museum-Reserve
Rybinsk State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve .

The building was built in 1912 by the project of the Moscow architect A. V. Ivanov.

Rybinsk Museum-Reserve, view from Red Square
Rybinsk Museum-Reserve, view from Red Square. Perhaps the most remarkable building in Rybinsk .

the Red Square
Red Square .

Fire Tower
Fire tower - built in 1912 on the site of burnt wooden, with a height of 48 meters is one of the highest in Russia. What is interesting, at the time of construction, the need for a tower is no longer, because there was a telephone connection.

The author of the project is architect I. K. Hotin.

Gold autumn
Gold autumn

Transfiguration Cathedral
The Savior Transfiguration Cathedral, designed by the rector of the Academy of Fine Arts A. I. Melnikov, consecrated on June 29, 1851 . Interestingly, the Belfry is older than the cathedral for half a century (built in 1797 - 1804), and at the expense of the peasant (S. M. Karpov, the village of Kochevka, Yaroslavsky district).

Address: Rybinsk, Krestovaya St., 2 (Cathedral Square).

Volga Embankment
Embankment of the Volga .

Private Sector
The roads in Rybinsk are not bad (they were seen even worse), but sometimes it happens.

Polish Church
Former Polish church in the foggy morning, and I rolled into Rybinsk early enough.

 The prevalence of advertising
Kapets how much advertising ... In most cities in Russia have already put things in order and picked up such a game. But not everywhere.

 Old wooden merchant mansions
Old wooden merchant mansions along Krestovaya Street.

 Old Merchant's Mansion
Old merchant mansion, Krestovaya Street, 83. The condition is a little bit a bit, I hope they will restore, the house is definitely attractive.

House of Kulikov
House of Kulikov, address: Cross Street, 85.

Pavement - awesome! It is necessary to preserve as a monument of Tajik urban planning.

 Tree-lined house
The house is sheathed with wood (probably).

Bus stop
Bus stop fierce :) And given the fact that transport goes here almost every hour, then in general.

Broken road
Well, this is ebenya of Rybinsk, where I went to check out the Museum of the Soviet era (and did not regret it!)

Buses in Rybinsk is not the first freshness, but it happens worse.

As in the village
As in the village. But this is not such a fuck.

Golden Birch

"Golden Palm" for the improvement of the park! Well, I understand everything, but where are the benches ? They seem to be there, but in the frame they will have to search. And the lights frankly ugly. And with the sidewalk everything is clear.

But with beer in Rybinsk everything turned out to be bad. Those. and the city is not very tourist and the local population is not rich. So I had to look for where to sit down and I found an institution with sockets! Photo for the line "Kraft of All Russia". Neighing.

Night Cross Street
Night Cross Street.

Rybinsk was surprisingly an interesting town with a huge amount of merchant antiquity, most of which are in excellent condition.


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